Welcoming Evan McNeil to the Global eTraining Team!

Edmonton, AB Canada, May 5, 2017

Global eTraining (GeT) is pleased to announce the appointment of Evan McNeil as Director of Customer Delivery.

Evan has spent the last 25 years in the geomatics industry and is an expert with Autodesk software. After 3 years of engaging with Global eTraining as a customer, Evan is now running the Customer Delivery team.

In this capacity, his team will be ensuring that each client receives the highest level of service and value from our delivery team. They provide hands-on support and expert level guidance at each step of the process to maximize the learning experience for all our learners. The success of our Customer Delivery Team is directly tied to the success of our clients’ training programs.

One of Evan’s core values has always been to help others realize their potential, which aligns directly with the core directive of Global eTraining. His passion for lifelong learning, coupled with his experience creating and implementing large-scale training programs, will further enhance the reputation of Global eTraining, strengthening our position as the leader in the corporate education industry around the world.

“The rapidly changing world economy demands that leaders and managers also be skilled educators and facilitators for project teams and production departments around the globe. I have tried and tested many methods for training my teams and none have come close the success we found with Global eTraining. From a brilliant pilot project, we leaped seamlessly to international deployment, and published custom content in The Generator with ease. As a former customer, I bring enthusiasm and insight to our team while our clients gain the advantage of my experience in the real world, strengthening our value and share in our success,” said Mr. McNeil.

The executive team, including CEO Shauna Snusk, co-founders Susan Brattberg, Holly Brattberg, Steve Wenzel, and Jacqui Wenzel, are excited to welcome Evan McNeil to the team and are confident that his skills and experience will enhance the quality of service already provided by Global eTraining.

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