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(Obayashi Corporation)

Asia Digital Lab Boosts Skills and Knowledge Capture with Global eTraining

I first used Global eTraining when I was in college a decade ago. I was very impressed with it and appreciated it's fluidity in accommodating the different learning styles and/or special needs situations that has historically been a blocker for many people around the world. They used a microlearning approach where overall courses were broken down into bite sized pieces so that folks didn't have to stress about sitting for long periods of time that they may not afford to be able to do. It still remains as one of my favourite platforms to use for a virtual learning experience.

Abarna KrishnakumarWomen in BIM

We have been using Global eTraining for about 4 years now and it has become our go-to training software for new hires. After we place our team members through the various software training courses, we have confidence that they have all the basics down and are ready to hit the ground running.

I really enjoy their setup and being able to shift the training sessions around to different people on an as-needed basis. I would highly recommend Global eTraining for anyone in my field.

Ryan FrasierUS Engineering Company

Global eTraining has been helpful to easily and systematically implement Revit in our office. Anything that can save my time and have an impact on our efficiency is a win! GeT staff were very quick to respond with any questions or concerns.

Christin Meeker, AIA, NCARBFusion Architects

It is worthwhile maintaining the subscription to this reasonably priced training solution for our staff to get on track at their own pace.

John GregoVTN Consulting

I have had such a positive experience navigating Global eTraining’s virtual modules! This resource’s various narrators explain course content in an effective, engaging manner. Customer service representatives of GeT have also remained kind and on standby while adhering to a respectful communication style. With GeT, I feel prioritized, informed, and impressed!

Rebecca (Becca) BarnesHendrick Inc.

Global eTraining's comprehensive library of content is not only extensive, but it caters to all learning styles allowing for greater adoption and retention of the information being presented. I really like that they are always current and up to date with new versions, concepts and material that is otherwise potentially difficult to source or obtain. I look forward to seeing their continued growth over the coming years.

Steve RolloNational BIM/VDC Manager at Graham

Our experience has been very positive. We use Global eTraining with all of our new hires to help get them up to speed on the software we use. We also use GeT as a tool for continuing education with our more experienced staff that just need brushing up on some of the newer software.

Caleb BrownESI Group USA

I deliver training to my colleagues within Tetra Tech, having previously been an Autodesk Certified Trainer. I use Global eTraining courses to complement and provide content on subjects that I am not proficient or qualified to deliver. I have found over the last 3-4 years that the courses from Global eTraining are extremely valuable for our new employees to get started, as well as our more seasoned engineers.

Harry WaltonBIM Manager at Tetra Tech

We have been using Global eTraining at our office for years and find it to be well organized and helpful in keeping our users up-to-date with their continuing education targets. It's easy to manage on the admin side with support there when you need it. Not to mention that the pricing is extremely reasonable.

Yavor KalushkovGKC Architects

Global eTraining helps our Autodesk users enhance their skill set to be more successful.

R. K. McSwainLJA Engineering

We love having the ability to take courses and test our knowledge on our own time. Our team has a lot of hectic workdays, making it difficult to find time to train - but GeT makes it work for us!

Richard LyngeArtec Aqua AS

Everyone that I've talked with and worked with at Global eTraining has been very kind, patient and helpful.

I have recently begun using their training materials that focus on Revit software, and with a background in AutoCad and other CAD software, I've really been appreciating how their Revit courses reference CAD. It's very helpful and easy to understand.

Cheri SikkengaMall City Mechanical Inc

It has been great to be able to complete the training I need when I need it. To work through training without feeling overwhelmed, pressured or stressed, and completing it with the feeling that you were able to gain the knowledge you need.

Dwain LoughneyBrown and Caldwell

Global eTraining has been a blessing this year with the most recent events of the COVID-19 pandemic. Not only were we able to keep our staff trained and ready, but we also were able to leverage the potential of the platform to create and publish our own internal training material!

Philippe De GuiseEBC Inc.

I found Global eTraining to be a valuable resource for learning new skills and staying up-to-date on industry trends.

One of the things I appreciated most about Global eTraining is their focus on interactive learning. Their courses are not simply lectures or slideshows. Instead, they use a variety of engaging activities, such as simulations, exercises and games, to help learners retain information. I found this to be a very effective way to learn new skills and concepts.

Another thing I liked about Global eTraining is their wide range of course offerings. They have courses on a variety of topics, including BIM software, construction management, and safety. This makes it easy to find the training that you need, regardless of your specific job role or industry.

Overall, I had a very positive experience with Global eTraining. I found their courses to be informative, engaging and easy to use. I would definitely recommend Global eTraining to anyone who is looking for high-quality eTraining solutions.

Francesco CappilliBIMaking Engineering

My experience with Global so far has been good. The online tutorials are user friendly and easy to understand. The courses and practice lessons are well paced. The customer care is prompt and easy to access.

Winayak AngneStudent at Delta Community College

Amazing!! The videos are super clear and I understand all of them. I love that it has a lot of examples and attached files to practice.


The courses are very informative, interactive and has enhanced my proficiency in AutoCAD

Mark RegaladoEngineering

I thought that the Global eTraining curriculum was very straightforward and easy to follow. The lessons make it easy to take organized notes that you can refer back to while working in a program.

Collin YangaShive-Hattery

Really interesting and thorough training courses. Great support and very helpful and friendly.

Sonja Altern-BanceHoward Bros Joinery Ltd

Global eTraining gave me the opportunity to learn and improve my skills in Revit and other AutoCad software, which both helps me in my career aspirations as an architect, but also as a student trying to earn internships to break into the field.

I needed the flexible and remote option of Global eTraining to complete these courses in a way that worked for my schedule. GeT made it possible for me to expand my marketable skills and to gain knowledge in my future field.

Tess CooperAustin Community College Student

Love it! Global eTraining is very useful and easy to follow along with, with a wide variety of videos, images, text, etc.. Being able to go back and check any previous topics has never been so easy!

Ashley LavertyDigital School Technical Design College

I had a great experience. By completing the course I was able to advance into a much needed position within my company. Will be always grateful for the experience.

Jen WyseAgency21

Global eTraining is perfect for providing bite-size tutorials of Civil 3D, allowing our staff to focus on only the issue they need to solve at that moment.


Global eTraining helps me to expedite my onboarding to get team members up to company standards, and proficient in our tools. It was a really fast way to learn and quickly jump to production.


Amazing!! The videos are super clear and I understand all of them. I love that it has a lot of examples and attached files to practice.

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