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Global eTraining Announces the Launch of AEC Badging Feature

Edmonton, Alberta

Global eTraining Announces the Launch of AEC Training Badging Feature

GeT Your Badge’ allows learners who complete select courses in the ‘GeT Everything’ library to obtain a badge of completion within the course’s criteria – which is based on module completion and passing assessments with a prescribed grade.

All badges received via ‘GeT Your Badge’ meet the global Open Badge 2.0 standard, therefore allowing learners to store, organize, and display their badges within a backpack, such as the ‘ Backpack’.

Individual badges and badge collections can then be shared and displayed in personal, educational, vocational, and social settings.

I’ve been known to be a bit of a “badge collector” - personally and professionally - so I’m really pleased with this feature update!

I really appreciate the impact of an eye-catching award, an announcement of your accomplishments has on professional morale. It’s also a great way of letting your peers know what you’ve been up to from a professional development standpoint.

Finally, they look great on resumes!

This is a graphical depiction of your expertise, your competitive advantage, and your commitment to lifelong learning. I encourage our learners to earn these badges, savor them and, most importantly, to flex them!

William M MyersDirector of Operations

‘GeT Your Badge’ is live and available to all Global eTraining individuals and teams.

Look below to find out how you can GeT started earning and sharing your badges today!

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