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Press Release

Global eTraining Unveils Groundbreaking AI-Powered Course Creation for AEC Professionals

Revolutionizing Content Development and Course Creation

Key Features of The Generator AI-Powered Course Creation:

  • Choose a Topic: Users can choose a topic or subject of interest, being as specific as they wish.
  • Adjust Preferences: Set how simple or advanced the course should be, and determine the desired duration.
  • Select the Language: Tailor the authored language of the course to cater to your specific needs.
  • Preview Table of Contents: AI swiftly generates a comprehensive table of contents, allowing users to preview and make edits before finalizing the course.
  • Instantly Generate Courses: With a simple click, users can generate a complete course, complete with lectures, topics, slides, text and audio, all seamlessly incorporated.
  • Edit and Expand: Users can modify topics and slide titles, and even utilize AI to add and create new content to further enrich the course.
  • Pause and Revisit: AI remembers the context of the course, allowing users to return and edit content at any time, building upon the existing structure.

“The introduction of our AI-powered course creation solutions marks a pivotal moment in the AEC industry.

We understand that the most significant hurdle in course development is often just getting started. With this groundbreaking new feature, we’ve eradicated this barrier, ultimately streamlining the path towards comprehensive company and project specific training.”

Steve WenzelGlobal eTraining Cofounder and CTO

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