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Global eTraining has developed a powerful, easy-to-use learning management tool that will help you lead ten—or ten thousand—learners along their journey. This system will allow you to take control of your eLearning results, matching your people’s desire to learn and grow with your organization’s need for performance in an ever-competitive market.

Stats at a Glance

Your Learning Management Dashboard takes all your program statistics and loads them into one easy-to-read and up-to-the-minute page for ease of use. Weekly progress, popular courses, adoption and test scores are all featured in the dashboard to save you time and allow you to produce high-level reporting quickly and easily. From the dashboard, you can launch in-depth results showing engagement and individual learner progress, two of the most important metrics in measuring eLearning program success.

Reporting Made Easy

Every piece of learner activity is tracked within our robust and intuitive system. Intelligence reports can be pulled in minutes, showing the performance and success of a department, team, or individual learner. Reports can be customized and automated for your convenience, and one-off reports can be created when required. This information hub gives your entire Learning and Development team access to the most important info right when they need it; all information contained in the system is live, so reporting is always up-to-date.

More Time for Learning

Because our learning platform is cloud-based and requires no software installation, learning can occur at any time, anywhere. Users can access the programming at their desk, on the train, or from home, allowing learners to take control of their progress and maximize their active learning time.

Positive Return on Investment

Your organization is filled with people who need the right information available to them at their disposal, regardless of the device used. With our robust eLearning platform, Global eTraining is positioned to ensure that your company is always on the cutting edge when it comes to employee learning, leading to more effective and skilled workers in your organization, and a high ROI for your organization.

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