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Press Release

Global eTraining Introduces Customizable Theme Options to Industry-Leading Course Builder

EDMONTON, ALBERTA, October 11, 2022

Global eTraining is proud to announce the introduction of display theme options within the interface of their industry-leading course building platform, ‘The Generator’.

Users are now able to choose between either ‘Classic’ or ‘Dynamic’ themes, depending on which supports their individual needs best.

Classic Theme
Dynamic Theme

The newly introduced ‘Dynamic’ theme offers users a new and exciting way to experience courses:

  • Tile content is shown in the center pane, while slide notes are displayed in the bottom pane (as pictured above)
  • Users can click the various other tiles (located along the right side in the above image) to view additional content
  • Users can move the horizontal bar up/down if they want to see more or less of the slide information

Individual user’s chosen theme will be intuitively remembered by the system, eliminating the need for user’s to continually reset their theme of choice.

Additionally, users will have access to a ‘Light’ and ‘Dark’ mode in both the Dynamic and Classic theme versions. (As pictured below)

Dynamic Light
Dynamic Theme