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Global eTraining

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We make it our mission to provide both our partners and customers with industry-leading support including simple onboarding resources, product demos, marketing resources, strategic consulting, customer success, Help Desk support and more!

Why Global eTraining

GeT for You

As an Autodesk Preferred Partner, we strive to create as seamless a sales experience possible for you.

We do this by providing extensive GeT support and resources so you can utilize us as an extension of your team and provide eTraining as a part of your EBA deals to complement and enhance your software, consulting, and training offerings.

Here’s how we do it:

  • Strategic sales support
  • Up-to-date marketing materials
  • Dedicated Autodesk Consulting contacts
  • Extensive shareable customer resources

The benefits:

  • Add value to your clients
  • Grow deals sizes
  • Upsell to existing clients
  • Complement and enhance your current offerings

… and all this can be completed with little to no effort on your part. You can think of Global eTraining as an extension of your team – bolstering your current offerings and growing deal sizes as a partner.

GeT for You
GeT for Clients

GeT for Your Clients

Global eTraining provides your customers with world class AEC training solutions and unparalleled customer support – allowing you to recommend GeT with confidence.

Here’s how we do it:

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The most customizable knowledge management solution

  • Our complete knowledge management solution includes access to the fastest and easiest to use course creation tool in the industry. This gives companies the ability to capture and manage proprietary expertise while leveraging extensive existing GeT content to create and deploy customized company and project-specific training programs – which can be hosted on any learning management system and translated into any language.
  • Our Autodesk software plugin uniquely positions GeT as a productivity tool. Users can access behavior-based instruction from within a project, significantly increasing efficiency and real-time application of skills, while also reducing loss of billable time.
  • Additional features such as custom learning paths and workflows, intuitive executive dashboards, customizable and automated reporting, branding of portals, SSO integrations, and secure hosting allows each customer the ability to find what they need, with the autonomy to filter, focus, or drill-down into what is useful and productive to them.

The highest quality and quantity of interactive and engaging eTraining created by industry experts

  • The breadth of content we offer is developed to our consistently high standards and is authored and regularly updated by qualified industry subject matter experts.
  • GeT offers the most interactive and engaging training to enhance knowledge retention and skills application, and is the “one source of truth” for all things training in the AEC industry.
  • GeT was built on over 30 years of experience in developing and delivering exceptional asynchronous training with expertise in instructional design, individualized learning, adult learning, and various learning styles.

The Benefits

Our award-winning platform was built to help clients win more bids, cut more costs, and boost overall profitability with the help of our thoughtfully designed capabilities and features.

  • Company and project-specific training
  • Increased productivity, efficiency, and engagement
  • Simple to implement guided onboarding process
  • Increased adoption of BIM softwares and best practices
  • Attraction and retention of top industry talent
  • Increased environmental sustainability
  • Sharpened, relevant skills to execute projects quickly and accurately
  • Resources to upskill in lockstep with industry updates and developments
  • Tools to track individual’s skill levels, knowledge gaps, and overall training ROI
  • Autodesk and Building Transformations (CanBIM) certification objectives
  • Extremely cost-effective skills training, with education and volume discounts available
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Our Award-Winning Products

The ‘GeT Everything’ Library

The ‘GeT Know-How’ Intuitive Autodesk Plugin

The Global eTraining Learning Management System (LMS)

‘The Generator’ Course Authoring Technology

The ‘GeT Subscription System’ with PowerBI Reporting

The ‘GeT Interactive’ Course Interface

The 'GeT Insights' Knowledge Gap Solution

Premium Content Course Bundles

Brandon Hall Award
Codie Award
WOW Award

Meet Our Contacts

Anne Carpenter

GeT Sales Manager

With 15 years in the hospitality industry, followed by 15 years selling technical services such as accounting, engineering, education and I.T. consulting, Anne has held a variety of sales and leadership roles.  These experiences have shaped her perspective when helping folks in the AEC and Manufacturing world identify opportunities for improvement in process, training and leadership.

Anne is objective, passionate and a keen listener with a strong knack for identifying the needs of people and organizations. Weaving personal and professional experiences together, Anne values honesty and vulnerability as foundational blocks for powerful sales and marketing teams.

At Global eTraining, Anne leads the sales team and has a personal focus on helping enterprise accounts integrate healthy training programs and practices into everyday routines.  Talk to Anne about how to integrate Global eTraining into your EBA, how to create company-specific content or inquire about site licenses for your organization.

Lorinda Manegre

GeT Channel Manager

Lorinda has over 20 years’ experience in the Education and IT industries. As the Head of Partnerships, she works closely with Global eTraining’s partner network to ensure the  success of eTraining initiatives for their clients. Lorinda works collaboratively with our partners to develop and implement strategic plans that align with their short-and long-term goals and business objectives, increase brand awareness, and leveraging of GeT’s content and technology to deliver value to client organizations and business partners.

Lorinda has worked with a variety of organizations from small, niche architecture firms, to consultancy firms, to state and federal governments, to large global multi-disciplinary entities. She specializes in developing creative solutions and customizing eTraining platforms and programs to suit individual clients’ needs, assisting with setting strategic directions, and creating organizational learning cultures.

Lorinda is a Certified Network Administrator and a Certified Professional Facilitator, and is truly passionate about all things tech and education. Her unique and wide-ranging skill set has enabled her to successfully contribute to multiple roles and departments within Global eTraining.

Susan Brattberg

GeT Chief Customer Officer

Susan is Founder and Chief Customer Officer of Global eTraining, having worked with Autodesk and their account teams to implement eTraining to firms around the world for a number of years.

She is an advocate for life long learning and has over 15 years of expertise in implementing innovative training programs for organizations of all sizes and industries and has become a trusted source of training advice by top executives at major global corporations, prestigious universities, and government agencies.

Susan applies her academic knowledge acquired through two University of Calgary degrees: a B.A. in Sociology with a focus in organizational dynamics, and the highly regarded Alberta/Haskayne Executive MBA. Susan is past board member of the Canadian BIM Council (CanBIM), a Women In BIM Ambassador and is a seasoned public speaker and has presented at many BIM conferences around the world.

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Book a meeting with one of our designated GeT team members to discuss Global eTraining support and strategies to help you drive sales and meet your customer’s needs.