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GeT Effective eTraining for your BIM Team

Global eTraining is the most comprehensive online training solution for architecture, engineering, construction, and manufacturing.


Learn Faster. Retain More. Save Time.

Built for those who aspire to lead the world through building information modeling, Global eTraining helps teams get up to speed quickly, adopt standard processes & workflows, and GeT more done both in the office and remotely. With the best course authors, a personalized course interface, powerful management tools, and the easiest course building platform in the AEC industry, this is the most effective training solution for the most effective BIM teams.

The Largest Course Library in the AEC Industry

Give your team the training they need, when they need it, without pulling your top performers away from project deliverables.

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Why Choose Global eTraining?

  • Company and project-specific training
  • Increased productivity, efficiency, and engagement
  • Simple to implement guided onboarding process
  • Increased adoption of BIM softwares and best practices
  • Attraction and retention of top industry talent
  • Increased environmental sustainability
  • Sharpened, relevant skills to execute projects quickly and accurately
  • Resources to upskill in lockstep with industry updates and developments
  • Tools to track individual’s skill levels, knowledge gaps, and overall training ROI
  • Autodesk and Building Transformations (CanBIM) certification objectives
  • Extremely cost-effective skills training, with education and volume discounts available

Our Award-Winning Products

The ‘GeT Everything’ Library

A robust and ever-expanding course catalog of BIM-relevant skills and software training for the architecture, engineering, construction, and manufacturing industries.

The ‘GeT Know-How’ Intuitive Autodesk Plugin

An intuitive productivity tool that enables learners to access full course content directly inside their favorite Autodesk software, where they are shown training suggestions based on their software commands.

The Global eTraining Learning Management System (LMS)

A learner management solution that has administrator tools capable to monitor, measure, and report on individual and group learner activity.

‘The Generator’ Course Authoring Technology

An online course builder that allows organizations to create courses from scratch, modify existing Global eTraining course content, and to completely customize their employees training programs, workflows, and processes.

The ‘GeT Subscription System’ with PowerBI Reporting

An online portal which allows administrators to manage their entire Global eTraining subscription including billing, invoicing, monthly learner subscription management, and PowerBI reporting.

The ‘GeT Interactive’ Course Interface

A completely customizable learner interface featuring interactive learning elements, decisive filtering tools, and extensive setting personalization.

The 'GeT Insights' Knowledge Gap Solution

A ‘Smart Exam’ solution that assesses learners’ knowledge of the most popular softwares in the AEC industry, while also providing in-depth feedback and downloadable progress reports for learner and administrator use.

Premium Content Course Bundles

A series of optional course bundles which individuals or teams can pay to add to their pre-existing Global eTraining subscription. These bundles delve deep into specific subjects and allow learners to further customize their training.

Brandon Hall Award
Codie Award
WOW Award

Simple and Powerful Course Builder

‘The Generator’ Course Authoring Technology is a simple and powerful tool that gives you the freedom to build a completely personalized training program. Customize course content, add material, and easily build your own courses from scratch. With Global eTraining’s ‘The Generator’, you can create company and project-specific workflows, processes, and onboarding. Whether you’re building materials for individual departments, project teams, supply chains, or sub-trades, you define the workflows and training standards adopted on your team and across your organization.

+ Leverage our new ‘GeT Insights‘ Skills Gap Assessment tool! This ‘Smart Exam’ solution allows you to assess learner’s knowledge and provide individual Skills Gap Reports and Custom Learning Paths.

Included with the Business Plus Plan.

This is your competitive advantage.

'The Generator' Course Builder Interface

‘The Generator’ Features

Attractive Courses

Create attractive looking online courses with ease


Allow learners to dictate their own experience and increase adoption


Maintain design consistency across multiple course authors

Quick Edit

Quickly update and edit content, without re-uploading files to your LMS

Skills Assessment

Leverage ‘GeT Insightsskills gap assessments and custom learning plans tool


Leverage existing PowerPoint content to create trackable courseware

Drag and Drop

Drag and drop course content to enable micro-credentialing


Easily upload, manage and distribute Adobe Captivate content


Enable content to be hosted on any (or multiple) learning management systems, simultaneously


Review data analytics from multiple Learning Management Systems, on one powerful dashboard


Translate any content into multiple languages immediately for scalability

Screen Share / CC

Leverage screen share video options and automatic closed captioning abilities

‘GeT Know-How’ Autodesk Plugin

Each of your team members can bring Global eTraining directly into their Autodesk software with our ‘GeT Know-How’ Autodesk Plugin. ‘GeT Know-How’ is an intuitive on-demand reference and productivity tool that will recoup your eTraining investment as billable project time rather than an expense line item. With behavior-based training suggestions, your team will have instant access to relevant training content that can instantly be applied to real-world projects, so they solve problems quickly and GeT more done.

Hit your project deadlines. Every time.

Download the 'GeT Know-How' Plugin

‘GeT Know-How’ Plugin is built for Microsoft Windows OS and requires a subscription to the ‘GeT Everything’ library and the successful installation of compatible Autodesk software (AutoCAD, AutoCAD Civil 3D, AutoCAD Plant 3D, Inventor, Navisworks, or Revit).

‘GeT Insights’ Assessment Tool

Global eTraining’s self-paced online learning platform helps you build a team that’s highly effective today and ready for tomorrow. Our ‘GeT Insights‘ smart exam solution is an extremely effective pre-hire assessment tool, as well as a way to easily and quickly identify and close skills gaps within teams, while also providing in-depth reports for learner and administrator use – so your people can learn the basics and build on their expertise. As you can see, GeT enables you to hire with confidence, keep your team engaged and moving forward, and plan for the future.

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Why Train Your Team?


of employees agree to stay longer at a company if it invests in their training


of employees believe they aren't achieving their full potential at work because they aren't being properly trained

Companies that invest in training are


ahead in profits

At the top-performing companies,


of employees report receiving all the professional training that they need

Statistics from: IBM, Middlesex University in London, Forbes, HuffPost

Team Solutions Overview

  • Largest course library in the AEC industry
  • Powerful course builder
  • Customizable course content
  • Screen share video creator with automatic closed captioning
  • Custom workflows
  • Simple eTraining onboarding for teams
  • On-demand training inside Autodesk software
  • Personalized learner experience
  • Extensive reporting and management tools
  • Skills gap assessments and custom learning paths
  • Customer success management
  • Certified instructor technical help desk support
  • Autodesk and Building Transformations certification objectives (with OSHA add-on available)

Be the Best BIM Manager

It’s time to GeT Competitive and embrace digital technology to maximize your software investments. The best BIM managers execute profitable projects, lead productive teams, recruit top talent, develop their people, and win more bids.

With Global eTraining’s full knowledge management platform, you have complete control to customize a training solution that saves you time and money, so you can focus on the work that matters most and make your business more competitive.

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Subscription Plans



starting at
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What's Included

Access to all courses in the ‘GeT Everything’ Library
Access to the ‘GeT Know-How’ Autodesk Software Plugin
Access to the ‘GeT Insight’ Assessment Tool
Learning Management System
Learner Transcripts
LMS Admin Reporting
Advanced Business Analytics (with PowerBI)
Single Sign-On (SSO)
Account Manager Support for Business Objectives
Additional Annual Learner License for $180.00 / Learner / Year
Additional Monthly Learner Licenses for $14.99 / Learner / Month with Flexible Licensing



starting at
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What's Included

*Everything that’s included in the Business plan, PLUS:

Simple-To-Use Course Authoring
‘GeT Everything’ Content Editing
Ability to Host Custom Content on Any or Multiple LMS’
Custom Workflows & Skills Gap Assessments
Content Branding & Customization Options
Screen Share Video Creator
Automatic Video Closed Captioning
Custom Content Translation Abilities
Ability to Leverage Existing Powerpoint Content
Ability to Upload and Distribute Adobe Captivate Content
Volume Discounts After 50 Annual Learner Licenses

*Includes 25 Learner Licenses


/ learner / year
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Education Pricing may be Available Through Your Education Institution.

What's Included

Access to all courses in the ‘GeT Everything’ Library
Access to the ‘GeT Know-How’ Autodesk Software Plugin
Access to the ‘GeT Insight’ Assessment Tool

Interested in learning about our Education Solutions? Book a meeting here to learn more!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ‘GeT Everything’ library?

The ‘GeT Everything’ library is an extensive suite of expertly crafted BIM-relevant courses. It caters to all skill levels, specializations, and departments, and is ever-growing and updating to include the most up-to-date content.

It includes:

  • Autodesk (60+ Courses)
  • Building Information Modeling (20+ Courses)
  • Microsoft Office 365 (30+ Courses)
  • Health, Safety, and Compliance (80+ Courses)
  • BIM Track
  • Revizto
  • Total Leadership
  • Primavera, Rhino, and Grasshopper
  • Solidworks, Microstation, and SketchUp
  • Bluebeam Revu
  • and more!

How are courses created for the ‘GeT Everything’ library?

Our courses are authored by AEC industry leaders and experts! This ensures that our training is not only top of the line, but is accurate to what skills and information is relevant to real-life projects and workflows.

Do you offer a software plugin?

We do!

The ‘GeT Know-How’ Autodesk Plugin is an intuitive on-demand reference and eTraining tool that’s available directly inside your Autodesk software (available for AutoCAD, Civil 3D, Plant 3D, Revit, Inventor, and Navisworks software).

‘GeT Know-How’ is designed so learners can work through course topics directly within their software via access to our ‘GeT Interactive’ course interface including videos, screenshots, audio instruction, hands-on exercises, help desk support, and more!

Click on the ‘GeT Know-How’ plugin tab section for more information!

How can I ensure my team retains the information they learn?

Our learner interface is built with retention in mind, designed to encourage learners to engage with content according to their preferred learning styles based on the principles of VARK (Visual, Auditory, Read/Write, and Kinesthetics).

This methodology is integrated into our ‘GeT Everything’ library courses, our GeT Know-How’ Autodesk plugin, as well as your custom-built training within ‘The Generator’. This allows learners to optimize retention, and learn in the most personal, effective way possible.

What customization options are available for learners?

The Global eTraining learner experience is extremely customizable! Some of these features include:

  • Dark/Light Mode Toggle
  • Advanced Filter Options
  • Custom Learning Paths (GeT Insights)
  • Themes
  • Languages

Is there multi-language support?


With ‘The Generator’ course authoring tool, you can translate custom content or pre-existing Global eTraining content into over 25 different languages.

What certifications can I get with Global eTraining?

ATC Certificates: Global eTraining courses are eligible for ATC (Autodesk Authorized Training Center) certificates of completion with a pass mark of 70% or higher in each section of the course within 6 months of starting the course.

Autodesk Professional Certification: Global eTraining courses effectively prepare learners to pass their Autodesk Professional Certification. Each certification objective is clearly indicated throughout our training for clarity.

Building Transformations Certification: Global eTraining’s BIM courses are recognized by Building Transformations (formerly CanBIM). Learners that complete our ‘BIM Basics’ Library or ‘Revit – The Complete Guide’ course will receive their CanBIM Level 1 Certification.

Official OSHA Certification: With the help of our ‘Premium Safety OSHA+’ content bundle, learners can achieve official OSHA certification. As a note, this bundle is purchased as an addition to our ‘GeT Everything’ subscriptions.

What payment plans do you offer?

We offer two pricing plans, ‘Business’ and ‘Business Plus’.

Both plans provide you and your team with everything you need to manage your eTraining program easily – though ‘Business Plus’ also includes access to ‘The Generator’ and enables volume discounts for large teams.

Learn more on our Plans and Pricing page or GeT a Custom Quote.

What happens after I sign up?

Sign-up is quick and easy. Once you have completed your purchase you will be directed to our ‘How to Use GeT’ page to book your complimentary Onboarding and Administrator Training Call.

During this call, one of our GeT Experts will walk you through program setup, team onboarding, and progress reporting using our extensive tracking and management tools.

Do I need to know how many learners I have before I buy?


You can purchase additional learners as you go! Additionally, we offer flexible billing options if you exceed your learner limit.

Do you offer a free trial?


We offer a free business trial that grants full access to:

  • ‘GeT Everything’ Library
  • ‘GeT Know-How’ Autodesk Plugin
  • ‘The Generator’ Course Authoring Tool
  • Manager Toolkit (PowerBI Executive Dashboard, LMS Administrator Tools, etc.)

How can I track and manage my return on investment?

With both ‘The Generator’ custom content, as well as any of our  ‘GeT Everything’ courses and training programs, you as the administrator have complete access to extensive reporting, tracking, and management capabilities.

These capabilities include LMS administrator tools, Knowledge Gap Assessment data, as well as PowerBI executive dashboards for complete visibility.

What manager tools do I get access to?

Our manager toolkit offers extensive tracking, managing, and reporting tools. These include:

  • LMS Administrator Tools – Add and manage learners, control access, create and organize activity reports, and setup department structures
  • PowerBI Executive Reporting Dashboards –  View course activity, learner engagement, competency achievement, and report on overall program effectiveness
  • Custom Learning Paths – Access test results from individual’s custom learning path quizzes, so you can see where individuals need to train, and what areas they already excel in

What kind of customer support is included?

Global eTraining offers the best in customer support! Your organization will receive a personal Account Manager, prepared to answer any questions you have and assist in an account changes you may want to make.

Additionally, yourself – and your learners –  have access to our HelpDesk for any program questions or technical support.

How do I successfully roll out a Global eTraining program?

After your Global eTraining purchase is complete, you will be directed to our ‘How to Use GeT’ page to book your complimentary Onboarding and Administrator Training Call. During this training session, we will cover:

  • Managing your subscription and learner seats
  • Using the Admin Portal of the Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Tracking and reporting via the Global eTraining Subscription System
  • Understanding everything available to you and your team:
  • ‘GeT Everything’ library including 350+ courses
  • ‘GeT Know-How’ Autodesk plugin
  • ‘The Generator’ course authoring technology
  • HelpDesk

Once this training is complete, we can book additional sessions – if requested – to build a comprehensive rollout plan for your learners. Whether that be through internal communication, or a live webinar hosted by the GeT team to showcase the product to your staff, we are more than willing (and excited) to be a part of your Global eTraining rollout!

Can I transfer licenses between learners?

Yes, you can!

With just the flip of a toggle you can deactivate and activate learners, switching licenses as different team members need them.

How are the courses created?

Our courses are authored by AEC industry leaders and experts! This ensures that our training is not only top of the line, but is accurate to what skills and information is relevant to real-life projects and workflows.

What is ‘The Generator’?

‘The Generator’ is a collaborative course-authoring technology that allows organizations to capture and transfer knowledge by building and customizing eTraining, workflows, and processes.

What kind of training can I build with ‘The Generator’?

You name it, you can build it!

  • Proprietary Software Training
  • New Employee Onboarding Training
  • Compliance Training
  • Human Resources Training
  • Sales Training
  • Customer Service Training
  • Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Training
  • Health and Safety Training
  • Quality Control Training
  • And more!

Is there a quick way to build custom training programs with ‘The Generator’?


Quicken the process by leveraging Global eTraining’s robust and ever-expanding library of existing course content in the ‘GeT Everything’ Library including Autodesk, Autodesk Workflow, BIM Training, AEC Software, Leed, COBie, Microsoft, and more!

Simply drag-and-drop content into your training programs for fast, relevant, expert-level custom training.

Do I need to host my content on ‘The Generator’ learning management system (LMS)?


You can host and distribute your content on any (or multiple) learning management system (LMS). The hosted LMS must be SCORM complaint.

What is the process behind updating training programs that are hosted on multiple LMSs?

It’s very simple!

Rather than updating content manually and individually (wasting time and resources better used elsewhere), ‘The Generator’ allows course authors to update their content in one place, automatically changing it on each LMS!

Who has access to my custom ‘The Generator’ created content?

It’s completely up to you!

Publish your custom content internally so that only your organization or educational institution has access to your training materials, or publish publicly to build brand awareness and share information globally.

Do I have the ability to translate my custom courses?


With ‘The Generator’s’ multi-language translation capabilities, you can automatically translate your content into over 25 languages, allowing you to share more, and train better.

What is the ‘GeT Know-How’ plugin?

‘GeT Know-How’ plugin is an intuitive on-demand reference and eTraining tool available directly inside your Autodesk software (available for AutoCAD, Civil 3D, Plant 3D, Revit, Inventor, and Navisworks software).

Can my team access our custom-built ‘The Generator’ content within the ‘GeT Know-How’ plugin?


By utilizing ‘The Generator’ course authoring technology, you can have your organization’s custom courses and related workflows loaded directly into the plugin and accessible to your team on-the-go.

Can I try the plugin for free?


You and your team can try our ‘GeT Know-How’ plugin for free with our complimentary studio trial.

Where can I download the plugin?

The plugin can be downloaded via the Autodesk App store.

"Global eTraining has been a blessing this year with the most recent events of the COVID-19 pandemic. Not only were we able to keep our staff trained and ready, but we also were able to leverage the potential of the platform to create and publish our own internal training material!"

Philippe De GuiseManager, Corporate BIM Services, EBC Inc.

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