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Why Global eTraining




Spend Less Time

Company-specific content

Studies show that teams utilizing custom eTraining report a 25% reduction in the time it takes to train employees.

With the help of Global eTraining’s course builder, you can quickly share relevant knowledge and create engaging training content with the help of screen share video options, automatic closed captioning, multi-language translation abilities and much more!

Plus, with the help of the AI course creation feature – completely custom courses can be built in a matter of seconds.

With GeT, it’s easy to create company and project-specific workflows, processes and onboarding so you can define your company standards and get everyone on the same page quickly.

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Skills gap assessments & custom learning paths

Your team’s skills and knowledge bases vary. So when it come time for training, many team members end up retraining in areas they already understand, wasting valuable time and resources.

Through Global eTraining’s custom learning path and skill gap assessment solutions, individuals can quickly and easily identify areas they need to train more, while skipping areas they already have experience.

So your team can spend less time training, while also building and fine-tuning the skills they need to GeT projects done well.

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Personalized learning

Studies show that a more personalized learning experience can reduce overall training time by up to 50%.

It’s statistics like this that inspired Global eTraining’s customizable course interface.

With a completely interactive, self-paced course experience, multiple interface view options and the ability to train via an individual’s preferred learning style, the GeT platform was built with the extensive personalization options needed for your team to consume training content quickly.

This kind of custom learning experience is also proven to drive retention, with companies that implement personalized training experiencing 27% higher skill retention.

So your team can efficiently build, practice and retain the skills they need to get projects done faster.

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Powerful data & analytics

Make decisions confidently and efficiently with access to extensive training data and analytics.

Tracking is made accessible through powerful dashboards, that dive deep into individual and team skill gaps, knowledge levels and overall growth.

This is coupled with personalized optimization recommendations and one-on-one strategy and support calls with our Customer Success Team.

So you can make data-driven decisions confidently, cutting down on wasted time and quickly optimizing training results.

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Increase project efficiency

Project-specific workflows & processes

Complete projects more efficiently by ensuring consistent workflows and standards are being adopted within individual departments and project teams as well as across entire supply chains and sub-trades.

With the help of Global eTraining’s course builder, you can quickly share relevant knowledge and create engaging training content with the help of screen share video options, automatic closed captioning, multi-language translation abilities and much more!

Plus, build your project-specific workflow training in seconds with our powerful AI course creation tool. Simply input your topic of choice, set your chosen difficulty level and language – and your course will be generated automatically. From there, edit your course and share it easily across your entire project!

So you can save time by sharing the specific knowledge needed project-wide.

Explore our Custom Course Builder

On-the-go reference tools

Save time by giving your team the ability to brush up on skills, reference training and get up to speed with the latest Autodesk versions, all completely on the go!

This is achieved via Global eTraining’s Autodesk plugin, an on-demand reference and productivity tool that will recoup your eTraining investment as billable project time rather than an expense line item.

With behaviour-based training suggestions, your team will have access to relevant training content that can instantly be applied to real-world projects, so they can solve problems quickly and GeT more done.

Explore our Autodesk Plugin

Industry-relevant training

Give your team access to expert tips, tricks and training in the industry’s most popular BIM-relevant topics and software.

With access to Autodesk, OSHA, business skills, BIM standards and much more – our robust course library features topics entirely informed by our customer’s needs.

Courses include tips and ‘tricks of the trade’ that can only be learned through the years of experience earned by our expert course authors.

Content is kept fresh and relevant through continuous waterfall updates, so your team can stay engaged and excited knowing their training is both industry relevant and completely current.

This kind of cutting-edge training enables your team to perform their roles more effectively, with the specific skills needed to boost confidence and finish on time, project after project.

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Autodesk Plugin

Download GeT Know-How for efficiency-boosting, on-the-go training.

Autodesk Plugin

Skills Gap Assessments

Quickly identify, report on and close knowledge gaps with GeT Insights.

Autodesk Plugin

Personalized Course Interface

Drive retention and cater to individual training needs with the GeT Interactive course interface.

Personalized Course Interface

Custom Course Builder

Cut down on training time with custom-built company and project-specific online content.

Autodesk Plugin

It’s time to GeT started