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Why Global eTraining



GeT for Clients

Company software preferences

Drive software adoption with up-to-date training in the programs relevant to your team’s unique workflows and processes.

With a diverse range of BIM-relevant training courses spanning Revit and AutoCAD to Infraworks and Inventor, Global eTraining hosts the largest elearning library in the AEC space.

Implement GeT with confidence, knowing that our platform offers extensive training in all the industry’s most popular software – driving adoption in the programs your team uses daily, and establishing GeT as your organizations’s single source of software truth.

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Engagement-focused learning

At Global eTraining, we know that getting team member buy-in on new software and software training can be tricky.

That’s why we’ve built our courses with learner engagement in mind – so your team members will not only complete their training, but wholly understand, retain and leverage the software skills they’ve built.

To drive that kind of engagement, we’ve created a course interface that is fully interactive, catering to each individual’s unique learning style using the VARK methodology.

This allows learners to dictate their own experience, consuming courses through their preferred method of visual, auditory, read/write or kinesthetic (hands-on) learning.

In addition, your team members can earn Global eTraining certificates and badges of completion – serving to further motivate learners through shareable tokens of their achievements!

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Varied knowledge levels

Your team’s skills are unique and varied, which can create difficulties when looking for a single training solution to get them all up to speed in various software programs.

Global eTraining’s comprehensive AEC training library offers courses to match every skill and experience level, ranging from beginner to expert.

This enables your more advanced team members to fine-tune skills and stay up-to-date on the latest software versions, while individuals with less experience can GeT up to speed quickly.

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Individual skill gaps

Studies show that 88% of employees agree that a frustration-free software experience is key to their satisfaction and productivity at work, but that holes in their software skills are holding them back.

Helping to identify and close these knowledge gaps for not only an individual team member, but an entire team can be an extremely challenging task – but is key in building the skills necessary for a team to confidently utilize software programs.

Through Global eTraining’s custom learning path and skill gap assessment solutions, individuals can quickly and easily identify areas they need to train more, while skipping areas they already understand.

So your team can GeT up to speed quickly, with the knowledge needed to adopt and utilize company software.

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Project & company-specific training

Drive adoption in the software programs relevant to your specific company and projects with custom-built workflow training.

Combine relevant topics from GeT’s ready-built AEC library, with your company-specific standards and processes to create workflow training that can be shared to your project team, supply chain and sub trades.

Users can also employ Global eTraining’s AI functionality to easily build entire courses in seconds – combining GeT’s expert software training with additional AI-generated content.

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On-the-go reference tools

GeT the most out of your BIM software investment with training tools that aren’t used just once – but continuously to brush up on skills and new software versions.

Global eTraining’s Autodesk Plugin allows learners to reference expert training directly in their favourite Autodesk software. This allows GeT to be an easily accessible, single source of truth, project after project – so your team can stay up-to-date, continuing to utilize their software programs with confidence.

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