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Spend Less Time

Promote learner engagement

Experience a completely interactive training environment with a wide variety of learning tools and mediums built to drive engagement.

Up-to-date courses

Drive skills retention

Our platform follows the VARK learning methodology, proven to help drive retention by allowing each individual to train in the way that they learn best – so they can read, try, watch, listen and more!

Increase project efficiency

Customize the experience

Access training that can be completely customized via a robust set of personalization options, so each training experience is as unique as the learner.

Course Interface Dark Course Interface Light

Customizable theme options

Learners are able to toggle between ‘Classic’ or ‘Dynamic’ course interface views, depending on which supports their individual needs best.

Certification objective tracking

Track courses needed to receive or prepare for popular AEC certifications - such as Autodesk Professional Certification or CanBIM certification - via the course interface.

Custom learning path tab

Easily review auto-generated custom learning paths directly inside the course interface, enabling learners to focus their training time more accurately and effectively.

Dark/light toggle

Learners can customize their training even further by switching between dark and light modes.

Interactive element filter

Avoid sifting through unwanted learning elements with our simple filtering tools, enabling learners to easily manage and customize their training experience for better engagement and retention.

Live progress bar

Track progress easily with a live percentage of completion bar available directly inside the GeT Interactive course interface.

Language selector

Learners can toggle between multiple language options, automatically switching the language of their course content to suit their needs and preferences.

Help Desk support

Learners can easily access technical Help Desk support with our in-interface Help Desk button - enabling them to receive the one-on-one support they need to continue training.

Interactive Element Navigation

Driving real results with training

that drives real engagement





Learn Faster. Retain More. Save Time.


Save time on training

Reduce both training time and project time with efficiency-boosting features and a retention-focused course interface – enabling team members to spend less time retraining and referencing content, and more time on projects.

Learn about our Time-Saving Tools

Build BIM software skills

Access an incredible breadth and depth of interactive AEC training content via a course interface built with customization as it’s focus.

Utilize this training to help your team build and fine-tune the skills they need to complete projects efficiently.

Learn about our AEC Skills Training

Attract, onboard and retain top talent

Ensure new and current team members are performing to the best of their ability and are up-to-date on BIM software skills and company-specific standards with a course interface built for engagement .

Learn how we help Attract, Onboard & Retain Staff

Increase software adoption

Maximize your BIM software investment and perform projects more efficiently with a course interface that optimizes the learning experience and drives retention.

Learn how we help Drive Software Adoption

Create company & project-specific training

Promote consistent standards and workflows through custom-built online training that learners experience through a completely customizable, interactive course interface.

Learn about Custom eLearning


Custom Course Builder

Create custom online training that learners experience through the GeT Interactive course interface.

Autodesk Plugin

Course Library

Train via the largest course library in the AEC industry with a course interface built for maximum customization and retention.

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Skills Gap Assessments

Close skills gaps with custom learning paths hosted directly inside the GeT Interactive course interface.

Autodesk Plugin

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