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Press Release

Global eTraining Releases the Second Phase of ‘GeT Insights’ Skills Gap Assessment Solution

  • The ability to design personalized quizzes that cater exclusively to an organization’s learners. These quizzes also provide the flexibility to craft a custom learning path that incorporates both private courses as well as relevant content from the public catalog.
  • The ability to designate course content that learners should review based on their incorrect answers. This content then becomes a part of the individual’s custom learning path.
  • The ability for quiz authors to create and include informational blurbs called ‘Insights’ – these ‘Insights’ allow learners to address their knowledge gaps and understand their incorrect answers more fully.
  • The ability for administrators to further control visibility and hide specific quizzes from learners if deemed irrelevant. This includes both custom quizzes and Global eTraining Insights quizzes.
  • The ability to access new ‘question by question’ reporting. These reports show the results for each question on an individual’s quiz, allowing learners to easily review and address knowledge gaps.

“We are thrilled to be releasing this new phase of cutting-edge updates and features within ‘GeT Insights!’

Being able to onboard efficiently, report effectively, and hire and train with confidence just got a whole lot easier.”

Susan BrattbergGlobal eTraining Cofounder and CCO

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