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Why Global eTraining



GeT for Clients

One-on-one onboarding

At Global eTraining, we know you want to GeT up to speed quickly, spending less time learning to track and report, and more time doing it.

With this in mind, we’ve worked to develop and perfect onboarding tools to help GeT you up to speed as quickly and efficiently as possible.

This includes a comprehensive Admin training packet, an extensive library of in-depth ‘how to’ videos and expert one-on-one onboarding support.

This is all in addition to simple FAQs and technical Helpdesk support.

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Subscriptions & billing

Make tracking and managing your training subscription simple with a single platform to do it all.

Global eTraining’s GeT Subscription System (GSS) allows administrators to manage their entire team’s plan with easy access to billing, invoicing, monthly learner subscription management and executive reporting.

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Admin tools & learner licenses

Access a platform that allows you to easily view and manage your employee’s training – so you can spend less time managing training and more time implementing it.

Global eTraining’s learning management system (LMS) allows administrators to access a plethora of management tools, including the ability to quickly and easily add and manage learners, control access, create and organize activity reports and setup department structures.

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Learner engagement & success

According to recent studies, just over 50% of companies feel they don’t have the resources or tools to accurately track their training program success.

These kind of stats inspired us to create the most comprehensive, user-friendly tracking tools available in the AEC training space.

Global eTraining’s executive reporting dashboards and skills gap assessment solutions allow companies to dive deep into individual learner engagement and skills growth while also reporting on high-level trends and ROI.

Access GeT’s tracking to view data like:

  • Total number of learners consuming content
  • Hours spent training (in total, by course, over any period of time)
  • Course enrolments (in total, by course, over any period of time)
  • Course completions (in total, by course, over any period of time)
  • Individual & company-wide trends (most popular courses & topics)
  • Autodesk Plugin adoption and use

… and much more! Also gain access to downloadable skills gap assessment reports via our tool, GeT Insights, as well as an employee leaderboard to easily track and compare individual learner engagement and success.

This kind of in-depth reporting enables companies to make more accurate, confident decisions with the data and analytics needed to inform them.

Explore our Tracking and Reporting Tools

Explore our Skills Gap Assessments

ROI & optimization recommendations

Tracking and optimizing your BIM team’s training is important – but we know you don’t always have the time.

That’s why we offer access to our expert Customer Success team!

With custom report cards, personalized optimization recommendations, ROI breakdowns and access to one-on-one strategy calls, you have all the tools you need to GeT the most out of your BIM training investment.

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Tracking and Reporting Tools

Monitor and prove training ROI with extensive reporting dashboards.

Learning Management System

Monitor, measure and report on team activity via any LMS.

Skills Gap Assessments

Identify, report on and close knowledge gaps with GeT Insights.

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