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GeT for Clients

Growth opportunities & upskilling

According to recent studies, 76% of employees report feeling significantly more attracted to companies that offer comprehensive skills training to staff.

With stats like this in mind, it’s clear that creating continued opportunities for your team to build and fine-tune skills plays a key role in attracting talent.

Global eTraining offers the most comprehensive training solution in the AEC industry. With software and skills training to fit every experience level and knowledge base, GeT is the perfect platform to act as a single source of truth and training for your entire workforce.

As a well known and established company in the AEC realm, our clients also often notice that they attract talent simply by way of using GeT as their training provider. Implementing our training signals a strong commitment to continued learning with the highest quality content and tools – in turn, attracting the highest quality candidates.

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Skills gap assessments

Finding, interviewing and hiring new team members is typically a long and expensive process, and doesn’t always yield the desired results.

In fact, many BIM managers report hiring staff only to discover significant knowledge gaps after the fact – resulting in more time being spent getting new hires trained and up to speed, and less time spent on projects.

Eliminate this issue easily with Global eTraining’s GeT Insights skills gap assessment tool.

GeT Insights is used worldwide as a pre-hire assessment tool, testing individual’s knowledge on the AEC software and skills of your choice. Once testing is complete, you can review applicant results and skills gaps, allowing you to hire confidently with data-driven decision making.

Once an applicant is hired, they can then access an automatically generated ‘custom learning path’ of content tailored to help close the knowledge gaps revealed in their skills gap assessment quiz.

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Shareable certificates & badges

Attract top talent with the promise of not only continued learning and growth opportunities, but with continued positive reinforcement, certificates and accolades.

Global eTraining offers downloadable certificates of completion for each course, allowing individuals to continue building and demonstrating their skills competency – furthering their skills growth and overall sense of achievement.

In addition, we offer our ever-popular GeT Your Badge program. GeT Your Badge offers shareable badges that comply with OpenBadge 2.0 standard, and can be posted and featured on social media platforms . This furthers your team’s reach to potential applicants and demonstrates your company’s commitment to continued learning and growth.

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Custom learning paths

The pre-existing knowledge base of new hires can vary greatly. So when it comes time for onboarding training, many new members end up retraining in areas they already understand, wasting valuable time and resources.

Through Global eTraining’s custom learning path and skill gap assessment solutions, individuals can quickly and easily identify areas they need to train more, while skipping areas they already have experience.

This allows recent hires to transition into their new roles seamlessly, building and fine-tuning the skills they need to GeT projects done well.

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Onboarding tools & training

At Global eTraining, we know offering quick and effective onboarding is key – allowing your new hires to spend less time training and more time on project.

With this in mind, we’ve developed and perfected onboarding tools to help your team GeT up to speed quickly. This includes comprehensive Learner and Admin training packets, an extensive library of in-depth ‘how to’ videos and expert one-on-one onboarding support.

This is all in addition to an extremely user-friendly training platform, FAQs and technical Help Desk support.

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Customer success support

GeT new team members up to speed quickly with one-on-one support from our Customer Success team.

With in-depth reporting, personalized optimization recommendations and data-based strategy calls, your dedicated Customer Success Manager will help to fine-tune and perfect your onboarding process. 

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Company-specific content

Studies show that teams utilizing custom eTraining report a 25% reduction in the time it takes to onboard and train employees.

With the help of Global eTraining’s course builder, you can quickly and easily create company and project-specific onboarding training with the help of screen share video options, automatic closed captioning, multi-language translation abilities and much more!

Plus, with the help of the AI course creation feature – completely custom onboarding can be built in a matter of seconds.

With GeT, it’s easy to define and enforce your company’s unique standards, processes and workflows with custom onboarding training – ensuring your team members are on the same page from day one.

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GeT for Clients

Continued learning opportunities

Studies show that 94% of employees would be more likely to stay at a company longer if it invested in their career development.

It’s with this in mind that Global eTraining continuously adds new, industry-relevant topics to our training library. This content is kept fresh and relevant through continuous waterfall updates, so your team can stay engaged and excited knowing their training is both industry relevant and completely current.

We also ensure that our content caters to the full range of skill levels – allowing more seasoned team members to continue to learn and sharpen their skills.

It’s through these methods that Global eTraining helps teams like yours create a culture of continued learning and growth, which is proven to drive talent retention and strengthen teams.

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Achievement tracking

According to recent studies, 69% of employees planning to quit their jobs report that receiving recognition and acknowledgment of their skills would be enough to stay in their current position.

With Global eTraining, you can easily track employee skills growth and achievements via executive dashboards – allowing you to provide your team members with the individual feedback essential to staff morale and retention.

Plus, we’ve made positive reinforcement easier than ever with downloadable certificates of completion for each course. This is in addition to our popular GeT Your Badge program.

GeT Your Badge offers shareable badges that comply with OpenBadge 2.0 standard, and can be posted and featured on social media platforms – furthering the opportunity for team members to feel recognized for their hard work and skills growth.

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Knowledge capture

Prioritize not only retaining staff, but capturing and sharing the unique knowledge and skills each team member has built – so you can continue leveraging it long into the future.

Accomplish this with the help of Global eTraining’s easy-to-use custom Course Builder. The Course Builder allows team members to easily record and share their knowledge and processes in a format that’s consistent, interactive and easy to share both internally and externally.

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Prove skills competency and drive engagement with GeT Your Badge.

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