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Why Global eTraining



GeT for Clients

Support & onboarding

We know your time is important.

That’s why here at GeT, we prioritize offering you the onboarding and support needed to begin building custom training quickly and confidently.

This includes personal onboarding calls, in-depth ‘how-to’ videos, FAQs and comprehensive admin training packets.

Plus, leverage one-on-one support from your dedicated Customer Success Manager, including hands-on demos, goal planning, in-depth reporting and personalized optimization recommendations.

With this extensive range of support tools and measures, you’ll be set to begin building the company and project-specific training your team needs.

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Pre-existing expert content

We get it, building custom training can seem overwhelming.

Make course building easier than ever by leveraging both your organization’s pre-existing training content, as well as Global eTraining’s thousands of hours of pre-built expert courses.

Simply drag and drop entire courses or specific topics and snippets into your custom training. From there, you can edit GeT content, adding your own company and project-specific standards and best practices.

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AI-powered course creation

Overcome the hurdle of getting started and save countless hours and days of course building with cutting-edge content that’s generated in seconds with our AI-powered course creation tool, complete with auto-narration capabilities.

Content is generated in just a few simple steps and hosted on a state-of-the-art platform, built with learner engagement and retention as the focus.

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LMS hosting

Custom content built by you, should belong to you, right? We think so!

Host your custom training content on any or multiple learning management systems (LMS) simultaneously and quickly update and edit content, without re-uploading files to your LMS.

You can then review training data analytics from multiple LMS’ on one powerful dashboard – offering you the freedom to host and share your custom content however you want, wherever you want.

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Screen share videos & translation

According to recent studies, about 65% of people are visual learners, preferring to train via demos, diagrams and video content.

The Global eTraining platform is built to cater to the full range of VARK (visual, auditory, read/write & kinesthetic) learning styles, with a diverse range of interactive learning elements to suit individual training preferences. This allows users experiencing your custom courses to remain completely engaged and retain more information.

With this in mind, our course builder also includes screen share video and automatic closed captioning abilities. This allows you to further cater to the 65% of visual learners, as well as reading-based learners via custom video demos and closed captions.

To customize your training even further, leverage our automatic translation capability – making your company and project-specific standards and workflows more accessible and shareable than ever.

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Skills gap assessment & custom learning paths

Your team’s skills and knowledge bases vary. So when it comes time for training, many team members end up retraining in areas they already understand, wasting valuable time that could be spent on projects.

It’s with this in mind that we created skills gap assessment and custom learning path tools, which are easily employed inside your custom-built content.

With these tools, individuals can quickly and easily identify areas they need to train more, while skipping areas they already have experience.

This allows your team to spend less time training, while also building and fine-tuning the company and project-specific skills they need to GeT projects done well.

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Explore our Custom Course Builder

Collaborative design & branding

Your company’s style and branding are unique to you, and your custom-built training should be as well!

The Global eTraining platform is built with this as a focus, enabling course authors with no background in website or graphic design to create professional, completely branded content with ease.

Collaborate with multiple course authors while also maintaining design consistency, resulting in training content that’s sharp, professional and completely unique to you.

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GeT for You

Personalized learning

You’ve taken the time to build your custom training courses, but how can you be sure you’ll get the employee engagement and retention you need?

Global eTraining has built our course interface with learner engagement in mind – so your team members will not only complete their training, but wholly understand, retain and leverage the company and project-specific knowledge they’ve gained.

To drive that kind of engagement, we’ve built an interactive interface that is fully personalized, catering to each individual’s unique learning style using the VARK methodology.

This allows learners to dictate their own experience, consuming courses through their preferred method of visual, auditory, read/write or kinesthetic (hands-on) learning.

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Explore our Custom Course Builder

Tracking and reporting

Easily track individual and team skills growth from your custom courses with access to extensive training data and analytics.

Tracking is made accessible through powerful dashboards, that dive deep into skill gaps and knowledge levels.

This allows you to provide your team with the feedback essential to their growth – while allowing team members to demonstrate skills competency to their managers.

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Custom content sharing

Share your project-specific workflows, standards and best practices easily across your entire project team, supply chain and sub trades to create more efficient, seamless projects.

Publish your custom training to be viewed by external parties or share it internally – regardless, you are in control of where and who you share your training with.

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Custom Course Builder

Cut down on training time with custom-built company and project-specific online content.

Course Library

Edit and customize pre-existing expert content from the GeT Everything library.

Learning Management System

Monitor, measure and report on team activity via any LMS.

It’s time to GeT started