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Identify knowledge gaps with GeT Insights skills gap assessments – built to provide accurate testing and reporting on learner’s knowledge in the most popular AEC software, such as AutoCAD, Revit MEP, Civil 3D and more!
Spend less time training with access to custom learning paths, complete with the content each learner needs to review based on areas of weakness identified in their skills gap assessment. This enables learners to focus on developing the skills they need, not the skills they already have.
Report on progress with ‘question by question’ quiz results and extensive skills gap reports, which can be shared with managers and employers, or downloaded and saved for future records.

Take skills gap
assessment quiz

Receive skills
gap reporting

Access auto-generated
custom learning path

Report on
closed skills gaps

Hire confidently by using GeT Insights as a pre-hire assessment tool, enabling you to accurately test and evaluate the software skills relevant to the job.
Onboard efficiently by leveraging GeT Insights to test and report on the knowledge gaps of new hires. Quickly and easily close these skills gaps with custom learning paths and access to the industry’s largest eTraining library.
Identify training focuses with access to real-time quiz results, outlining individual and team software skills gaps and progress through custom learning paths.
Minimize overall training time with skills gap assessments and custom learning paths – helping your team identify and develop the skills they need, not the skills they already have.
Design personalized quizzes that cater exclusively to your team’s  training needs, with the flexibility to craft custom learning paths that incorporate both private courses as well as relevant Global eTraining content.
Designate course content that learners should review based on their incorrect answers. This content then becomes a part of the individual’s custom learning path.
Create and include informational blurbs called ‘Insights’ – these Insights allow learners to address their knowledge gaps and understand their incorrect answers more fully.

Save time on training

Build BIM software skills

Attract, onboard and retain top talent

Demonstrate skills competency

Increase software adoption

Track, report & plan effectively

Create company & project-specific training


Tracking and Reporting Tools

Monitor skills growth and prove ROI with downloadable skills training reports and executive dashboards.

Autodesk Plugin

Personalized Course Interface

Cater to individual training needs and skills gaps with the GeT Interactive course interface.

Personalized Course Interface

Custom Course Builder

Build skills gap assessments directly into your custom content for more effective, engaging training.

Autodesk Plugin

Course Library

Easily identify and close skills gaps while exploring the AEC industry’s largest training library.

Autodesk Plugin

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