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ATC Certificates

Autodesk products are some of the most widely used in the AEC industry, and are an integral part of most team’s projects and day-to-day tasks.

So naturally, finding ways to effectively demonstrate your team’s Autodesk software skills is essential – resulting in more confidence from project owners and more bids won overall.

This can be easily accomplished through Autodesk Authorized Training Center (ATC) certificates.

Global eTraining is an Autodesk Authorized Training Center, with courses eligible for ATC certificates of completion with a pass mark of 70% or higher!

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Autodesk professional certification

Studies show that AEC companies that pursue professional certifications report up to a 40% increase in their ‘competitive edge’ – citing more bids won and more projects completed successfully.

Give your team the edge and establish them as Autodesk software experts with Autodesk Professional Certification.

Global eTraining courses effectively prepare learners to pass their Autodesk Professional Certification, with each certification objective clearly indicated throughout our training for clarity.

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CanBIM Certification

Cement your company as an AEC leader by exhibiting your dedication to continued growth and mastery of BIM skills and standards.

Accomplish this with the help of longtime GeT partner, Building Transformations.

Building Transformations offers the CanBIM certification, which was created to help teams demonstrate a higher level of knowledge and experience that is transferable, relevant and valuable.

GeT BIM courses are recognized by Building Transformations, allowing learners that complete our ‘BIM Basics’ library or ‘Revit – The Complete Guide’ course to receive their CanBIM Level 1 Certification.

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OSHA certification

Ensure your team is up to date on their OSHA health and safety fundamentals – designed to help workers, managers and safety personnel learn and maintain the skills needed to perform their day-to-day tasks safely.

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GeT for You

Shareable certificates & badges

Studies show that courses with completion certificates boast around 15% higher completion rates.

Statistics like this highlight the significant value that completion badges and certificates hold, incentivizing your team’s training experience with shareable proof of expertise.

Global eTraining provides downloadable certificates of completion for each course, along with our popular GeT Your Badge program.

GeT Your Badge offers shareable badges that comply with OpenBadge 2.0 standard, and can be posted and featured on social media platforms.

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Skills tracking & reporting

Easily track individual and team skills growth with access to extensive training data and analytics.

Tracking is made accessible through powerful dashboards that dive deep into skill gaps and knowledge levels.

This allows you to provide your employees with the feedback essential to their growth,  while enabling team members to demonstrate skills competency to their managers.

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Badges of Completion

Prove skills competency and drive engagement with shareable skills badges.

Premium Courses and Certifications

Boost your team’s skills and credentials even further with premium paid add-ons.

Course Library

Access hundreds of online AEC courses with individual certificates of completion.

Skills Gap Assessments

Identify, report on and close knowledge gaps with ease.

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