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The definition of learning is to gain knowledge and being able to internalize the knowledge so that it is retained for a long time. Long-term research into the science of learning has determined that there are four preferences that learners tend to gravitate towards. And when a learning process is adapted to the learner’s preference, they are more likely to keep the new information that they have learned for longer—ultimately maximizing the ROI that a company has invested into acquiring and distributing the new material. Modern learning is efficient, effective, personalized, and stays with you for as long as possible.

What Does VARK Mean?

Successful learning is made up of the following four modalities:

  • V-Visual: you prefer visual depiction of information, and thrive on charts, diagrams, maps, etc.
  • A-Aural: you thrive in lectures and group discussions – you absorb the things you hear much better than other sources of information.
  • R-Read/Write: you prefer your information in the shape of words – you would rather read it and see it written down.
  • K-Kinesthetic: you prefer perceptual learning experiences – demonstrations, examples, and simulations stick out in your mind.

Why is VARK Important?

It is well documented that everyone learns differently, but many people do not realize that only 4% of people are able to effectively learn by watching videos alone, and many people cannot retain information on a meaningful level from videos at all.

Understanding how to incorporate all four learning modalities into training programs is imperative to ensure that users feel that the program has been personalized for them. An optimal learning experience means better, faster, more comprehensive learning that can adjust to a learner’s preference without them needing to fill out forms or access alternative information.

Leveraging VARK

Before beginning any course with Global eTraining, we prompt our learners to take a VARK questionnaire. This is so that we can ensure that our learners are choosing programs that package their information in a way that best manages their learning preference. We also provide learning tips and suggestions to maximize learning experience with every Global eTraining course; this has led to higher testing scores and self-reported satisfaction with our programs.

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