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GeT Effective eTraining for your BIM Architecture Engineering Construction Manufacturing Team

Learn Faster. Retain More. Save Time.

GeT training that drives results


Build BIM software skills

Access an incredible breadth and depth of interactive, online content. Built with customization and retention in mind to help your team build and fine-tune the skills they need to complete projects efficiently.

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Build BIM software skills

Save time on projects

Reduce both training time and project time with efficiency-boosting, on-the-go elearning solutions.

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Save time on projects

Maximize training ROI

Access cost-effective training that allows you to easily track and optimize your return on investment – built with your team’s efficiency and profitability as the central focus.

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Maximize training ROI

Stay up to date with industry trends

Make up-to-date skills and standards your team’s competitive advantage with access to the latest in AEC software training.

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Stay up-to-date with industry trends

Create company & project-specific training

Promote consistent standards and workflows through custom-built training. Easily translate it into any language and share it with individual departments, project teams, supply chains or sub-trades.

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Create company & project-specific training

Train on any LMS

Enjoy a seamless user experience with training that can be hosted and tracked on any learning management system.

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Train on any LMS

Build custom workflows & processes

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Optimize your BIM team

BIM Team Solutions

Attract, onboard and retain top talent

Ensure new and current team members are performing to the best of their ability and are up-to-date on BIM software skills and company-specific standards.

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Attract, onboard and retain top talent

Increase software adoption

Maximize your BIM software investment and perform projects more efficiently with a team fully versed in the most relevant software and standards.

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Increase software adoption

Demonstrate skills competency

Win more bids by proving your team’s individual and collective BIM software skills.

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Demonstrate skills competency

Track, report and plan effectively

Plan confidently with access to extensive reporting and analytics that allow for data-driven decision making – giving you the tools you need to easily identify and close skills gaps within your team.

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Track, report and plan effectively
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Trusted globally

Global eTraining has been a blessing this year with the most recent events of the COVID-19 pandemic. Not only were we able to keep our staff trained and ready, but we also were able to leverage the potential of the platform to create and publish our own internal training material!

Philippe De GuiseEBC Inc.

We have been using Global eTraining for about 4 years now and it has become our go-to training software for new hires. I really enjoy their setup and being able to shift the training sessions around to different people on an as-needed basis. I would highly recommend Global eTraining for anyone in my field.

Ryan FrazierUS Engineering Company

It is worthwhile maintaining the subscription to this reasonably priced training solution for our staff to get on track at their own pace.

John GregoVTN Consulting

Global eTraining has been helpful to easily and systematically implement Revit in our office. Anything that can save my time and have an impact on our efficiency is a win! Kim Mouly and Charles Jarvis were very quick to respond with any questions or concerns.

Christin Meeker, AIA, NCARBFusion Architects

I have had such a positive experience navigating Global eTraining’s virtual modules! This resource’s various narrators explain course content in an effective, engaging manner. Customer service representatives of GeT have also remained kind and on standby while adhering to a respectful communication style. With GeT, I feel prioritized, informed, and impressed!

Rebecca (Becca) BarnesHendrick Inc

I first used Global eTraining when I was in college a decade ago. I was very impressed with it and appreciated it's fluidity in accommodating the different learning styles and/or special needs situations that has historically been a blocker for many people around the world. They used a microlearning approach where overall courses were broken down into bite sized pieces so that folks didn't have to stress about sitting for long periods of time that they may not afford to be able to do. It still remains as one of my favourite platforms to use for a virtual learning experience.

Abarna KrishnakumarWomen in BIM

Have been using Global eTraining at our office for years (and just renewed for another year). It is well organized and helps keeping our users up to date with their continuing education targets. [It's] easy to manage on the admin side with extensive support available when you need it. The pricing is also very reasonable.

Yavor KalushkovGKC Architects

Our experience has been very positive. We use Global eTraining with all of our new hires to help get them up to speed on the software we use. We also use GeT as a tool for continuing education with our more experienced staff that just need brushing up on some of the newer software.

Caleb BrownESI Group USA

Global E-Training enables me to continue self-improvement courses & certifications wherever work travel takes me. Completing the Revizto course & earning my Revizto Expert Level 1 certification has empowered me at work to push beyond traditional standards.

Tatum UetzMidwest Electrical Design

I have been dealing with Global eTraining for several years now, they have ALWAYS been very helpful and knowledgeable in their training and site. They have never been "pushy" like most sales based companies and I always look forward to working with them. The broad and vast supply of software training makes it very easy for me to choose GET over any other resources. Thank you for all your support!

Chris GlaserKoch Engineered Solutions (John Zink)

Global e Training was recommended to us by our Autodesk Reseller. I had past experiences with other learning platforms and was really adamant about sticking with that platform until I sat through a presentation with Global e. All I can say is WOW!!! As someone who learned how to use Autodesk products and primarily Revit through other means I cant tell you how much more advanced Global e is, especially with their fully interactive Autodesk plug-in. This is by far the best platform out there to train with and using the Course Generator its even more amazing to use as a training program for your organization. We now have this fully implemented and use this as our onboarding program for all of our detailers along with continued ED for our detailing department. Not to mention all the detailers here keep the Autodesk plug-in running while they are detailing to get tips, hints and help while detailing all of their products. Just wait until you see them use their Autodesk Plug-in! It's isn’t just for Autodesk products either, there are so many good things about Global's platform.

Douglas SmithMall City Mechanical

It’s time to GeT started