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There’s Never Been A Better Time for Online Education

Is Now the Best Time for E-Learning? Here’s What You Need to Know

As a consequence of the current coronavirus pandemic, 90% of students located in developed countries are now taking classes online. However, despite its advantages during a global health crisis, turning to online education this year as an institution could prove to be ideal for several other reasons. From its benefits that include lower costs and flexible options for students and educators alike, here’s why now is an ideal time for institutions to bring their schooling to an online platform.

The benefits of a virtual education

In today’s pandemic, distance learning is perhaps one of the most effective ways to prevent and limit the spread of sickness among educators and students while still continuing education. However, there are other beneficial aspects of online learning to be aware of as well for everyone involved. For instance, online learning is generally known to be much cheaper than traditional classroom learning – for example, students, teachers, and staff will no longer have to commute, which can save on personal transportation costs.

The issue of teachers spending their own money on classroom supplies can also be eliminated via online learning, as there as there will be no need for whiteboard markers and other communal classroom supplies (such as craft supplies, classroom tissues, pencils, etc.). For institutions, online education can involve lower costs in terms of supplies such as physical textbooks, as well as the fact that more students can attend one class online as opposed to in a physical classroom, which can translate to lower staffing costs.

Online education can also help students to learn at their own pace and on their own time schedule, which can be especially helpful for those who may have other responsibilities, allowing them to focus on their studies when it’s most convenient for them. This can also be particularly beneficial for educators as well, as lectures can be prerecorded ahead of time and grading can be done flexibly. Course Authoring Technology like ‘The Generator’ also enables instructors to easily convert their PowerPoint presentations into interactive online courses.

Teachers also have the unique advantage of utilizing a number of resources, such as online videos, games, etc. to help them teach their lessons in a variety of interactive ways, depending on what works best for them and the students. And, when it comes to student/educator/staff communication, email, instant messaging, and video conferencing allow for a wide range of instant and convenient options.  Additionally, staff meetings can also be held virtually as well, making it a unique yet effective solution for students, teachers, and institutions as a whole.

A learning style fit for many

While there are a plethora of benefits when it comes to bringing education to an online platform — especially during current circumstances — the way of learning can prove to be a great method for a lot of students. Because many people learn best in their own ways, it’s often thought that online learning isn’t for everyone. However, it can actually prove to be great for a range of different personalities due to its profound flexibility, making it a great choice for institutions looking to cater to a wide audience of students.

For example, when it comes to different Myers-Briggs personality types, those with an INFJ (Introvert, iNtuitive, Feeling, Judging) personality are known for having excellent problem-solving skills as well as for being particularly internally motivated. This can make INFJ students great with completing online work on their own and on time as well as setting and meeting educational goals without the presence of an instructor. Similarly, those with other personality types, such as INTJ (Introvert iNtuitive, Thinking, Judging) can also be a great fit for online education, as they are well known for having a thirst for knowledge and view the world as having rational problems with defined solutions.

Global eTraining’s course creation technology, ‘The Generator’ is designed to employ the principles of VARK to support multiple learning styles through interactive elements.

Education of the future?

The idea of online education isn’t anything new, and it’s been gaining traction in recent years due to its accessibility and other benefits that uniquely benefit a wide audience of students and educators. With that said, it isn’t crazy to think that the 2020 pandemic causing many schools to globally shift to an online style of learning could open the eyes of many institutions to the e-learning world who otherwise wouldn’t consider doing so in the past. This could potentially make e-learning methods the future of education well after the pandemic is over.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the closures of schools around the world have led to an unpredictable shift to online distance learning methods. With its beneficial aspects in terms of helping slow the spread of the virus, other benefits such as lower costs and the ability to cater to a wide audience can make it an ideal option for many institutions looking to do so.

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