'The Generator' Education Solutions

A proven system for online education that drives results

GeT your course content online quickly, easily, and consistently formatted to meet the needs of ALL your students, regardless of how they learn...

(Without having to hire or rely on a team of tech experts and instructional designers!)

“The faster students can move ahead on their own, and the students who need more time can come to me in a virtual classroom with questions, as well as work through the lessons on their own, either by taking more time with them, or going through them more than once.”

Brandon HeurterDigital School Technical Design College Instructor

Equip your faculty and staff to deliver high-quality education within a remote virtual environment.

  • Provide your students with cost-effective online training
  • Easily convert PowerPoint into Online Courses
  • Blend online training with instructor-led virtual classes
  • Manage and measure student progress
  • Drive business results with dynamic program management tools

GeT Started

Convert PowerPoint presentations and existing curriculum into online training content with ‘The Generator’ course authoring.

Track Student Progress

Enroll students in online training. View activity, course progress, and competency assessments. Assign custom learning paths to meet curriculum objectives.

Meet Business Objectives

Leverage PowerBI executive reporting dashboards to view course activity, learner engagement, competency achievement and report on program effectiveness.

Cost-Effective Online Training for K-12 and Post-Secondary Institutions

With ‘The Generator’ course authoring technology and Global eTraining (GeT), you can build and customize a complete online training solution without requiring a team of instructional designers, tech experts, and complicated administrative setup.

This content is cloud-based, providing vast resources to students without sacrificing hard-drive space, making it easy to use with tablets and Chromebooks.

  • Transform your existing curriculum into custom online courses
  • Leverage Global eTraining’s robust and ever-expanding library of existing course content including Autodesk, MS Office 365, Health & Safety, Leadership Skills Training, and more!
  • Measure student progress and test competencies
  • Supplement online coursework with virtual instructor-led classrooms
  • Leverage educational discounts to economically move your institute online
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Easily Build Interactive eTraining Content and quickly convert PowerPoint into online courses

With ‘The Generator’ course authoring technology, you can easily build custom courses from scratch or take existing course materials and turn them into interactive eTraining content.

  • Convert PowerPoint Presentations into Interactive Courses
  • Import CSV files to generate entire courses and course outlines
  • Drag and drop interactive elements into our ‘GeT Interactive’ course interface

Creating an online course is a breeze with our simple to use course authoring platform.

Import your existing PowerPoint presentations into 'The Generator' to build your course outline and content.

Build YOUR course YOUR way with lectures, topics, slides, interactive elements, and quizzes.

Watch a tour of our "GeT Interactive" course interface to see what your students will experience from courses built with 'The Generator'.

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Course Interface Tour

Using the Principles of VARK

Courses built in ‘The Generator’ are designed to encourage students to engage with the content according to their preferred learning styles, based on the principles of VARK (Visual, Auditory, Read/Write, and Kinesthetic). Built from 30+ years of asynchronous education experience, this is the same course design platform used in Global eTraining’s award-winning solutions.

  • Text and Audio Instructions
  • Images and Videos
  • Datasets
  • Assignments
  • Quizzes
  • Simulations
  • External Links
  • Resource Files
  • And More!

See how easy it is to build a course in ‘The Generator’.

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See 'The Generator' in Action

Blended Learning and the Flipped Classroom Combine virtual classrooms with eTraining Content

Virtual meeting solutions will only take your students so far and file-sharing technology is just one piece of the puzzle. ‘The Generator’ enables blended learning, combining instructor-led virtual classrooms with self-paced eTraining content.

Virtual Classrooms

Video calls to deliver lectures and stimulate classroom discussions.

'The Generator' Courses

Students progress through online training, complete assignments, and quizzes.

File Sharing

Students submit their completed assignments for final grading alongside their eTraining quiz scores.

You can also flip the classroom to leverage virtual lecture time to help students progress through their course content.

Traditional Classroom

Lecture then Homework

Flipped Classroom

Homework (Online Training) then Virtual Classroom

With the Flipped Classroom, rather than giving the students lectures and then assigning homework for them to practice on their own (and come back to class to see how they did), lesson plans now involve asking the students to work on the online courses on their own first, and then come to class with their questions.

Manage and Measure Student Progress

eTraining designed to simulate your best classroom experience

Courses developed in ‘The Generator’ support a generally accepted closed learning cycle, enabling bite-sized topics to be learned, applied, and assessed quickly to drive student progress.

Learning Cycle

Courses are measurable according to Kirkpatrick’s Four-Level Training Evaluation Model, enabling staff and faculty to view a student’s progress beyond “Complete / Incomplete” (Level 1)


Most training reaches this level only


97% of The Generator Learners increase their knowledge of the subject matter


96% of The Generator Learners put what they learn into practice


95% of The Generator Learners are more efficient at work

Students access their online course content through the Global eTraining Learning Management System (LMS), allowing faculty to view both student and department course activity, quiz scores, certificates, engagement, and more.

All content built inside ‘The Generator’ is SCORM compliant and compatible with any Learning Management System.

Drive Business Results with Dynamic Program Management Tools

Everything you need to manage YOUR eTraining program

Good information drives good decision making.

With the Global eTraining Subscription System (GSS), you have all the data you need to manage and report on the effectiveness of your eTraining program while ensuring a clear return on investment.

View and manage your invoices and account information

Track how many students are active and manage available seats

Drill down into robust reporting with PowerBI executive dashboards

How to GeT Started

1. Schedule a Meeting

See ‘The Generator’ in action through a personalized demo. Tell us about your institution and your business goals and we’ll provide you with a custom quote and solution.

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2. GeT Ready, GeT Set, GO! Implementation

We’ll coordinate virtual training calls to teach you how to use our administrator tools for reporting, student management, and program management. We’ll also schedule a training session for you and your instructors to learn how to easily build content in ‘The Generator’

3. Enroll Your Students

You can provide access to your course content as part of your students’ tuition or ask your students to purchase and sign-up individually at discounted education rates.

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