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BIM: What Now and Why?

Have you ever taken a moment to think about the much-loved, oft-used phrase ‘Like a kid in a candy store’?

The expression invokes thoughts of a wide-eyed child, completely over-joyed—and overwhelmed—by the shear amount of tasty, sugar-coated options before them (a situation I would still love to be in, despite my age).

This feeling of being both excited, while also overloaded with potential options probably sounds a little bit like you being faced with BIM, doesn’t it? With so many places to start, and nearly endless possibilities, how can you be sure you’re making the right business and technology decisions for both you, and your company?

The good news is that Global eTraining – with the help of BIM 101 Course Author and Workflow Expert, Megan Johnson – have your back with our latest webinar, ‘BIM: What Now & Why’!

GeT and the ‘What Now?’

According to the 2020 UK National BIM report, the percentage of companies using BIM has increased from 13% in 2011 to 73% in 2020.

With its numbers higher than ever, BIM has become an essential tool in the workplace, making technological proficiency a must-have skill, and BIM training more essential than ever.

We at Global eTraining are proud to offer an entire BIM Library that includes everything from ‘Introduction to BIM’, to more specific courses to suit your company’s needs.

The BIM 101 course series was expertly designed by BIM Guru, Megan Johnson to focus on the ways that collaborative technology and strategic alliances can benefit BIM workflows. These courses review basic BIM tools for their practical application in both design and construction workflows so that building industry owners may assess their personal workplace needs.

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In an effort to streamline your BIM education even further, GeT has developed an intuitive Autodesk Plug-In, ‘GeT Know-How’ that can act as in-project reference tool as well as an on-the-job trainer; bringing BIM training directly into your favorite Autodesk software.

Between Global eTraining’s expertly crafted BIM Library, and our intuitive Autodesk Plug-In, you’ll be giving yourself—and your staff—a leg up on the workflow efficiency train, making answering the ‘What now?’ questions a whole lot easier.

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Megan Johnson and the ‘Why?'

Although technology has grown, and international standards have coalesced, the reasons we do the work, the infamous “why” has remained steady. You might have some personal add-on why’s – you love technology, you love the flexibility technology offers, you want to do more elaborate curtainwalls. But the basic why is to do good, efficient work, in a manner that makes you a strong team player for your partners and for society.

– Megan Johnson

If there’s anyone who should be telling you the ‘Why’ of ‘Why should we make learning, and implementing BIM a priority in our workplace?’ it’s Megan Johnson. As the course author of our BIM 101 course series (not to mention a registered architect, as well as an esteemed speaker, writer and trainer), Megan has a clear, thoroughly developed message on the significance of efficient BIM workflows.

Join GeT and BIM Expert Megan Johnson in our ‘BIM: What Now and Why’ webinar to learn more about understanding, optimizing, and implementing BIM in your own work life.

BIM: What Now & Why

How to bring your firm into the BIM world with confidence so you can do more of the work that matters most.

We promise, no chicks will be harmed in the production of this webinar.