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Autodesk University 2021 is here. And as long-time supporters, attendees, and well-known exhibitors at the event, we’re here to give you the inside tips and tricks on making this your most successful AEC event of the year.

1. Make Connections!

With an estimated 50,000+ AEC professionals, there’s rarely – if ever – an opportunity like Autodesk University to network and connect with this many individuals and organizations. You never know who you’ll meet, what you’ll learn from them, and how you might be able to work together in the future!

We’d like to connect with you too! Stop by the Global eTraining booth – we love to talk Autodesk, BIM, online learning, or just have a good chat!

2. Set a Goal!

Whether it’s “I want to meet five new people.” or “I want to learn more about…”, setting a goal for your Autodesk University experience will allow you to plan your schedule more accurately, and ultimately, get the most out of AU.

3. BIG Promotions and Giveaways

This is a big one, folks.

Autodesk University is a gold mine of promotions, discounts, and giveaways! So keep your eyes peeled to exhibitor booths and social media feeds for AU deals. 

Speaking of Autodesk University promotions – Global eTraining has some of the best ones you’re going to see this year. For starters, we are offering 15% off all subscriptions the entire month of October – whether it’s just for you, or for you and your team of 500!

Next on the ‘AU Promotions’ docket is our free 30-day Studio Trial! Sign your team up and enjoy complete access to our extensive learner tools, management tools, and course building technology.

As if that weren’t enough, if you register and attend any of our daily AU webinars you will be automatically be entered to win a year’s worth of free BIM training for you and five others!

4. Check Out the Newest Tech

Everyone knows that Autodesk University is the hub for the newest in AEC tech solutions! From Autodesk’s own updates and announcements to advancements from AU Digital Exhibitors – stay tuned to keynotes, sessions, and social media feeds for the latest in tech announcements.

Global eTraining is no exception! For example, we are beyond excited to be sharing our new screen capture video functionality within our course builder, ‘The Generator’! Chat with a GeT team member to learn more.

5. Learn Something New

The Global eTraining team has been going to Autodesk University for a while (13 years in fact) and this is without a doubt one of our number one tips to having the best AU experience!

Make an effort to attend classes and workshops that don’t necessarily fall within your wheelhouse, but still pique your interest! Diversifying your schedule and learning something new will make for a far more interesting Autodesk University experience!

6. Stay Tuned for Big Announcements!

‘Autodesk University Season’ is really just another way of saying ‘Big Announcements Season’, am I right?

Keep your eyes peeled for major news and announcements from all your favorite companies, Autodesk and Global eTraining included!

This year we are beyond thrilled to announce the introduction of over 335 new health, safety, and compliance courses, including OSHA certification options! Beyond that, we are also launching our new ‘Expert’s Corner’ Autodesk lectures, and easy-to-use workflow templates to help create custom content.

Book a meeting with a Global eTraining Expert to learn more about our Autodesk University announcements and releases!

7. Leave Some Room in Your Calendar

We know that there are countless sessions and workshops that apply to your personal interests and work responsibilities. 

However, leave some space in your calendar to tour the Digital Exhibitor booths, network with other AEC professionals, and join in on some of the more social aspects of AU – you never know who you’ll meet!

Stop by the Global eTraining booth and reach out to any of our team members – we would love to have an afternoon beer and talk all things AEC with you!

8. Register for sessions ASAP

Is it just us, or are sessions filling up faster this year? Register early for the events that you have a strong interest in to guarantee your spot!

With that in mind – registration is open for our daily ‘Global eTraining: Team Solution Walkthrough’ webinars! Register and attend these webinars to be automatically entered to win a year of free BIM training for you and your team. Quick, spots are filling up fast!

9. Take Great Notes

This one is pretty self-explanatory… Autodesk University is chock full of amazing sessions, keynotes, and meetings, and with the right planning, your calendar will be full of them! 

Do ‘later you’ a favor and jot down key thoughts, relevant information, or even the names of people or companies you’d like to follow up with! 

10. Prioritize your sessions

We understand, there’s no end in sight when viewing the AU session catalog. And while it may be difficult to choose between that ‘Implementing Autodesk Construction Cloud’ and ‘Structural Engineering Workflows’ course, it’s important to keep one simple thing in mind: many sessions offer lecture replays. 

So for the time being, prioritize hitting the sessions that you’re interested in!