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The New Normal: A More Personal Course Experience

We have to be honest. We’ve been thinking about you, a lot.

Not in a creepy way (promise), but we’ve been busy developing ways to build an even more personal course experience so that you and your team can learn faster, retain more, and save time in the ideal eTraining environment.

This year we’ve made it our resolution to give you the kind of decisive, customizable online learning tools you deserve, and that starts with a massive update to our ‘GeT Interactive’ course interface. 

Whether you’re on day one of your week-long ‘GeT Everything’ trial, or you’re a long-time Global eTraining user, you’re going to love the modernized style, functionality, and performance these updates have to offer.

Here’s what’s new:

Keep scrolling to learn – and see – Global eTraining’s reinvented user experience.

With a Flip of the Switch

Here at GeT, we know that with eTraining, contemporary design and customization is the name of the game. Users can now enjoy a modernized look, and flow with our course interface’s sleek stylistic refresh, not to mention have access to our brand-new ‘Light’ and ‘Dark’ modes at just a toggle of the… well, toggle.

Interactive Element Navigation

Updates include a total overhaul of our interactive tool layout. Users will now be able to access training tips, videos, and visuals in one easy-to-use, localized panel. The grouping of these interactive elements makes navigating slides simpler than ever, allowing learners to engage, learn, and experience their training seamlessly.

Tracking and Planning

Progress tracking is now easier than ever with our brand-new ‘Percentage of Completion’ bar. This, along with our updated – and far clearer – ‘Custom Learning Path’ tab makes setting, and attaining eTraining goals simple.

GeT What you Want

Learners can now avoid sifting through unwanted interactive learning elements by utilizing our filter options. From video content to practical “Let Me Try” exercises, getting access to the content you want, and managing your personal eTraining experience has never been simpler.

Excited to get going? Sign in to your account now and enjoy all of your new – and old favourite lessons with our updated user interface. If you don’t already have an account with us, no worries! Enjoy the full, redesigned ‘GeT Everything’ library with our complimentary 7-day trial!

7-Day TrialLog Into Your Account

Is your organization leveraging the power of ‘The Generator’? Alongside these course interface enhancements are some new customization options for course builders to easily build engaging, effective, learning content through our course authoring technology. Schedule a demo with a GeT expert to learn what’s new with ‘The Generator’