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How to bring out the inner Superhero

Let’s talk origin stories. You know how they work: regular people are thrust into extraordinary situations and become extraordinary themselves. Superheroes.

Each of us has a Superhero within. And we don’t need extraordinary circumstances to bring it out. We just need to recognize that we can make our own circumstances extraordinary, and then follow up.

However, it can be said that we live in extraordinary times. We have the opportunity to do things never imagined by the greatest comic-book writers of the past. The rate of change is faster than a speeding bullet. What makes the difference between those who follow and those who lead is the ability not only to keep up but to leap tall paradigm shifts in a single bound. Even if resistance to change is more powerful than a locomotive.

The key to being a Superhero in your organization is learning what’s new, and what’s next. Making sure your skills are extraordinary. And then taking it that one step further, and creating your own Legion of Champions; the change makers who will take your group to the farthest reaches of excellence and defeat the forces of inertia.

So how can you write your own superhero story?

  • Stay up-to-date with what’s happening in your industry by reading industry publications, attending webinars, and building networks
  • Actively seek opportunities to improve your skills and knowledge through training and learning activities
  • Help those around you to grow and develop too – that’s how your legion will grow.
  • Take action!

What will you do? Comment below to share with us your thoughts on becoming an industry Superhero and building your Legion of Champions.