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Training your employees takes a large commitment of time, money, and resources. Anything you can do to get more impact, and greater retention, from the same training investment, with a smaller opportunity cost, is a competitive advantage for your company.

How to Measure Return On Investment for Training

There is a time-tested model for measuring the ROI for training: Kirkpatrick’s Four-Level Training Evaluation Model AND we use it here at GeT every day!

Level 1 – Reactions: Do learners have access to training? Do they view it positively? Most training reaches this level only.

Level 2 – Learning: To what extent do learners increase their knowledge of the subject matter? Good news! 96% of GeT Learners increase their knowledge of the subject matter!

Level 3 – Transfer: Do users apply what they learned to their job? More good news! 95% of GeT Learners put what they learned into practice.

Level 4 – Results: Are learners more efficient or more effective at work? Best news yet: 94% of GeT Learners are more efficient at work.

When you are looking at training solutions, don’t settle for just reactions. Look for results. Find a solution that gives you a return on your investment!