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Global eTraining is the most comprehensive online training solution in the architecture, engineering, construction, and manufacturing industries. Our state of the art eTraining platform is designed to help our clients attract and retain top industry talent, stay on the cutting-edge of AEC industry trends, and boost overall efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

This year, as part of our continued promise to offer the most up-to-date content and technologies, and help better the industry through thought-leadership webinars and partnerships, we’ve had more releases, updates, and announcements than ever before!

And with Autodesk University season finally here – there’s no better time to share what we’ve been up to!

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Cutting-Edge Tech Updates

As part of our commitment to staying on the cutting-edge of eTraining technology, we are thrilled to announce new tech updates and functionalities to the Global eTraining platform!

GeT Your Badge

Global eTraining users can now obtain badges of completion for select courses in the ‘GeT Everything’ library!

GeT badges can be stored, displayed, or shared in personal, educational, vocational, professional, or social settings as an announcement of your individual or team accomplishments!

GeT a DemoGeT a Demo

GeT Insights

Global eTraining recently announced the launch of the first phase of a new Knowledge Gap Assessment Solution, ‘GeT Insights’.

‘GeT Insights’ is a smart exam solution that assesses learners’ knowledge of the most popular softwares in the AEC industry, while also providing in-depth feedback and downloadable progress reports for learner and administrator use.

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‘The Generator’ Video Updates

Users can now leverage screen share video recording options and closed captioning abilities to further customize their ‘The Generator’ created content.

This is only one of many cutting-edge customization features in ‘The Generator’.

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B2B eCommerce Cart

Management can purchase and implement team training easily with our new online shopping cart and virtual onboarding training sessions.

GeT StartedGeT Started

Custom Workflows

Course creators can now utilize pre-existing workflows and weave them into fresh, project-specific content.

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Premium Content Bundles

This year we’ve introduced additional premium paid content bundles to allow for the most custom, in-depth training experience possible!

Safety Essentials Bundle

This bundle brings together the most relevant safety-training courses to help you achieve a safe working environment. Created by ClickSafety experts, they’re specifically designed to help workers, managers, and safety personnel learn and maintain the safety skills needed in the workplace.

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Safety Premium OSHA+ Bundle

The Premium OSHA+ Bundle contains all the content in the Safety Essentials Bundle premium package – plus official OSHA 10 and 30 content, exam prep courses and more!

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Leadership and Business Skills Series

This bundle brings together a curated eLearning collection that fills skills gaps, sharpens existing skills, and addresses challenges in the new world of work for anyone in your organization. Because you have learning requirements that are uniquely yours, Global eTraining has partnered with TalentQuest to deliver exclusive learning experiences that reflect your organization’s vision, deepen knowledge, and engage learners.

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Experts Corner Lectures

As an addition to several of our Autodesk courses, these recently added lectures offer informal tips and tricks from our Subject Matter Experts.

Mike Thomas

Mike’s Expert Corner

Featuring Subject Matter Expert, Mike Thomas

Find ‘Mike’s Expert Corner’ in these courses:

Russ Nicloy

Macer’s Expert Corner

Featuring Subject Matter Expert, Russ Nicloy

Find ‘Macer’s Expert Corner’ in these courses:

Shawn Budden

Shawn’s Expert Corner

Featuring Subject Matter Expert, Shawn Budden

Find ‘Shawn’s Expert Corner’ in this course:

Sponsorships with Industry Leaders

The Global eTraining Team is proud to announce recent partnerships with two industry-leading organizations.

Women in BIM

We are excited to announce ourselves as the new Women in BIM Corporate Sponsor!

Women in BIM (WiB) is a diverse network of female professionals within the AEC industry dedicated to supporting women in BIM related roles for skills, education, and career progression. WiB is successful in empowering women across the globe in making game-changing contributions to the digital development of the built environment.

As a part of this sponsorship, all Women in BIM members will receive 20% off Global eTraining subscriptions.

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Dell, Intel & Nvidia

Global eTraining is excited to announce a new sponsorship from Dell, Intel, and Nvidia – world-class leaders in technical innovation and digital transformation.

This will include the endorsement of ten individual ‘GeT Everything’ courses, including:

Global eTraining is proud to be sponsored by worldwide technical leaders like Dell, Intel, and Nvidia, who – like Global eTraining – work every day to bring their own brand of creativity and innovation to the technological landscape and drive digital transformation across countless fields.

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Sponsored by Dell, Intel and Nvidia

Expert-Hosted Webinars

This year we’ve had the pleasure of hosting several educational, engaging webinars featuring the AEC industry’s best and brightest professionals, managers, and leaders!

Chetna Chauhan

Sandeep Jampani

Revit - Robot Interoperability


Graham H. Stewart

Information Management in the Modern AEC Industry


Brian Supervich

The Supervisory Balance: Leadership that Drives Success

With retired Executive Manager, Brian Supervich


Scott Chatterton

How To Thrive as a BIM Manager


Russ Nicloy

Autodesk Infraworks: The Complete Guide

Sponsored by Dell, Intel and Nvidia