Autodesk ReCap Photo 2015

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Autodesk ReCap Photo 2015 Complete Guide is designed to give you a solid understanding of it’s features from the basics through to advanced components.

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Autodesk ReCap Photo 2015: The Complete Guide

Autodesk ReCap Photo 2015 reality capture software and services enable users to capture and integrate reality data directly into your design process. ReCap works with Autodesk design and creation suites, so you can start your design with accurate 3D data and full photo-quality context rather than a blank screen.You'll follow a workflow-based approach that mirrors the development of projects in the real world, learning concepts such as point cloud access, appearance and management.

Autodesk ReCap Photo 2015 Complete Guide is designed to give you a solid understanding of it's 2015 features and capabilities from the basics through to advanced components.

To get the most out of this course, we strongly recommend you review every topic within the course, and use all the learning styles to ensure you retain the important information within. We also encourage you to take all the progress tests to ensure you have retained the knowledge, and most importantly practice with the hundreds of real world, Let Me Try examples.

Course Outline

  1. Introduction to Autodesk ReCap
    • Introduction to Autodesk ReCap Photo
    • The Photographic Process
    • The ReCap Photo Web Page and Interface
  2. Setting up a New Project
    • Creating a New Project
    • Setting up the Project in ReCap Photo
    • Analysing Images and Viewing Results
  3. Navigation and Review
    • Basic Navigation and Review Tools
    • Adding Further Information
  4. Exporting and Use in other Application
    • Exporting and use Downstream
    • Use of Mesh
  5. Storage and Management
    • Autodesk Recap 360 Storage

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