Training The Trainer

For any subject matter expert (SME), the day will inevitably come when they are asked to transfer that knowledge to others. This course is intended for SME’s who are very knowledgeable in their field, but not well versed in best practices for training.

That required knowledge transfer may be in a live setting, or in the creation of learning content. No matter how it is presented, there are certain considerations that any prospective trainer can make – which will increase the ease of that knowledge transfer and provide a productive learning experience for the recipient.

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Course Outline

Getting Started
But I’m Not a Trainer, I’m Just Great at my Job
But Really…Why Me?
Bloom’s Taxonomy of Training
Bloom’s Taxonomy of Educational Objectives

Learning Styles I
The Felder-Silverman Learning Style Model
Sensing Learners vs. Intuitive Learners
Visual Learners vs. Verbal Learners
Active Learners vs. Reflective Learners
Sequential Learners vs. Global Learners

Learning Styles II
The VARK Modalities
Visual (V)
Aural / Auditory (A)
Read / Write (R)
Kinesthetic (K)
Multimodality – Learning Style Combinations

Instructional Approaches
Active Learning
Active Listening
Cooperative Learning

Learning Cycles
Lecture / Demonstration / Activity Learning Cycles
Activity Assessments

Understanding the Class
Synchronous Vs Asynchronous Learning
Synchronous Training
Asynchronous Training Which is Better?
What is Blended Learning?
Flipping the Classroom

Preparing your Training Material
Preparing yourself to Train
Preparing the Training Space
Preparing your Trainees
The Trained Trainer