OSHA Confined Space Entry (Permit Required & Non-permit)

This confined space training course presents an overview of the OSHA Confined Spaces regulations as they relate to competent entrants and attendants.

Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced
Course Length: 2 Hours

What you'll learn

  • Introduction to OSHA Confined Space Entry Training Course
  • Entry Requirements
  • Hazard Recognition
  • Hazard Classification System
  • Labeling
  • Hot Work, Welding, and Emergency Response

Course Description

This confined space training course presents an overview of the OSHA Confined Spaces regulations as they relate to competent entrants and attendants. It covers basic concepts and a general overview of the regulations, including proper methods and rules that authorized entrants and attendants must follow before, during, and after confined space entry.

The OSHA Permit required and Non-permit Confined Space Entry Training course consists of content, graphics, audio, self-check questions, and a final exam.

Course Outline

OSHA Confined Space Entry - Permit Required & Non-permit Course Outline

About This Course

Course Objectives

Introduction to OSHA Confined Space Entry Training Course

  • Types of Confined Spaces
  • Applicability
  • Key Terms
  • Incidents and Statistics
  • Regulatory Agencies

Entry Requirements

  • PRCS Entry Permit
  • PRCS Written Program
  • Responsibilities: Entrants
  • Responsibilities: Attendants
  • Other Responsibilities
  • Hot Work
  • Non-permit Required Confined Spaces
  • Training
  • Hot Work Training
  • Training Documentation

Hazard Recognition

  • Oxygen Deficient Environment
  • Oxygen Enriched Environment
  • Configuration Hazards
  • Hazardous Atmospheres
  • Other Potential Hazards
  • Atmospheric Testing
  • Measuring Exposure Levels
  • Safety Controls

Hazard Classification System

  • Hazard Classes
  • NIOSH Pocket Guide to Chemical Hazards
  • Safety Data Sheets


  • NFPA Labels
  • DOT Labels
  • OSHA Labels
  • Pipe Labels

Hot Work, Welding, and Emergency Response

  • Hot Work Safety Practices
  • Authorized Entrant Responsibilities
  • Gas Welding and Cutting
  • Cylinder Safety
  • Arc Welding and Cutting
  • Emergency Response


Additional Resources


Frequently Asked Questions

Who must take this training?

This training is required for persons supervising confined space entry, entrants – employees entering and working within a confined space, and attendants – those persons tasked with assisting with the entry, but not actually entering themselves.

How often is retraining or recertification required?

The length of time for which the training is valid is determined by OSHA 29 CFR § 1910.146:

(g) Training. (1) The employer shall provide training so that all employees whose work is regulated by this section acquire the understanding, knowledge, and skills necessary for the safe performance of the duties assigned under this section.

(2) Training shall be provided to each affected employee:

(i) Before the employee is first assigned duties under this section;

(ii) Before there is a change in assigned duties;

(iii) Whenever there is a change in permit space operations that presents a hazard about which an employee has not previously been trained;

(iv) Whenever the employer has reason to believe either that there are deviations from the permit space entry procedures required by paragraph (d)(3) of this section or that there are inadequacies in the employee’s knowledge or use of these procedures.

What are the governing regulations?

This online course satisfies the training requirements for the OSHA 29 CFR § 1910.146 Permit-required and Non-permit Confined Spaces Standard.

Navigation Strategies

Beginners: Complete the course in order from beginning to end. Once any topic is completed, you will have full access to it at any time for one year after registration, to use as a resource.

Intermediate/Advanced Users: Use the course as a flexible resource tool to find what you need, whenever you need it. Try the assessment tests first, if you get 80%+ you can move to the next level, if you get less than 80% you should complete the lecture. This gives you a pre and post-assessment score, which can be used to track your skills improvements.

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