Microsoft Project 2013

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Microsoft Project 2013 Complete Guide has been designed from the ground up, covering introductory through advanced topics.

Course Duration: 20 Hours

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Microsoft Project 2013: The Complete Guide

Microsoft Project 2013 Complete Guide has been designed from the ground up for Global eTraining’s world-leading, online, on-demand GeT Interactive eTraining platform. With text from internationally recognized content matter experts, professional narration, video demonstrations by leading instructors, and Let Me Try exercises for users to get practical experience with the software, using downloadable datasets aligned with the presentation content.

This course covers introductory through advanced topics. Students are introduced to what a project is, resources,task list, tracking progress, task durations, task dependencies, project statistics, managing resources, task-relationships, project baselines, grouping and filtering tasks, and more.

To get the most out of this course, we strongly recommend you review every topic .within the course and take advantage of the different tools and activities to help to ensure you retain the important information within. We also encourage you to take all the progress tests to ensure you have retained the knowledge, and most importantly practice with the hundreds of real-world, Let Me Try examples..

Course Outline

  1. Beginning a New Project: Creating a Task List and Assigning Resources
    • What Is a Project?
    • Resources in Microsoft Project
    • Managing the Task List
  2. Task Durations and Dependencies
    • Calendars in Microsoft Project
    • Task Scheduling: Manual vs. Automatic
    • Task Durations
    • Project Milestones
    • Task Dependencies and Linking Tasks
    • More on Task Dependencies
    • The Resource Information Dialog Box
  3. Managing and Assigning Resources
    • Checking the Project Statistics
    • Defining and Refining Resource Capacity
    • Assigning Work Resources to Tasks
    • Adding and Removing Resources to Tasks
    • Managing Resource Costs
    • Fine-tuning Working Time for Resources
  4. Finalizing the Project Plan
    • Defining Cost and Material Resources
    • Entering Task and Resource Documentation
    • Printing Reports and Views
    • Creating a Project Baseline
  5. Tracking Progress in the Project Plan
    • Tracking Progress as Scheduled
    • Tracking Progress by Percentage Completed
    • Tracking Progress by Entering Actual Values
    • Comparing Actual Values to the Project
    • Tracking and Detail Gantt Views
  6. Refining Details for Assignments and Tasks
    • Modifying Task Relationships
    • Creating Recurring Tasks
    • Changing the Task Type
    • Changing Task Assignments
    • Adjusting Task Costs with Variable Cost Rates
    • Allocating Cost and Material Resources to Tasks
    • Identifying Over- and Under-allocated Resources
  7. Refining and Reorganizing the Project Plan
    • Examining Resource Allocations Over Time
    • Manually Resolve Over-allocations
    • Checking Statistics for Total Cost and Finish Date
    • Sorting Tasks and Resources
    • Grouping Tasks and Resources
    • Filtering Tasks and Resources
    • Customizing and Saving Tables
    • Customizing and Saving Views
  8. Updating and Viewing the Project Status
    • Setting the Elements of a Project Baseline
    • Tracking Actual and Outstanding Work
    • Updating Baselines
    • Entering Actual Costs Manually
    • Rescheduling Unfinished Work
    • Identifying Slipping Tasks
    • Scrutinizing Resource Costs and Their Impact
    • Creating Views to Pinpoint Project Variance
  9. Troubleshooting and Communicating the Project Plan
    • Assigning Overtime Hours
    • Troubleshooting Time and Scheduling Issues
    • Troubleshooting Task and Resource Cost Issues
    • Formatting and Printing the Gantt Chart View, Timeline, and Network Diagram
    • Printing Simple Views and Standard Reports
    • Customizing Views and Reports
    • Creating Visual Reports in Excel and Visio
  10. Customizing Project
    • Using Project Templates
    • Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar and Project Ribbons
    • Copying Customizations to the Global Project Template
    • Recording and Editing Macros in Project
    • Copying Project Data to Other Programs
    • Opening Other File Types in Project
    • Saving Project Files as Other File Type

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