AutoCAD 3D 2015

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AutoCAD 3D 2015 Course is designed to give you a solid understanding of AutoCAD features and capabilities, from basic to advanced to complex 3D modeling.

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AutoCAD 3D 2015: The Complete Guide

AutoCAD 3D 2015 Complete Guide is designed to give you a solid understanding of AutoCAD 2015 features and capabilities from basic through to advanced and complex 3D modeling components. Every course is designed to use all learning styles from text, audio, video, interactivity, quizzes and practical “Let Me Try” examples.

You'll follow a workflow-based approach that mirrors the development of projects in the real world, learning about the UCS, Solid, Surface and Mesh modelling and editing, and much more.

To get the most out of this course, we strongly recommend you review every topic within the course, and use all the learning styles to ensure you retain the important information within. We also encourage you to take all the progress tests to ensure you have retained the knowledge, and most importantly practice with the hundreds of real world, Let Me Try examples,.

Course Outline

  1. The User Coordinate System
    • Understanding Coordinate Systems
    • Defining the New UCS
    • Managing the UCS Through the Dialog Box
  2. Getting Started with 3D
    • Understanding 3D Concepts
    • Changing the Viewpoint to View 3D Models
    • In-canvas Viewport Control
    • 3D Coordinate Systems
    • Tools for Creating and Editing 3D Objects
    • Interactive Viewing Tools for 3D Objects
  3. Creating Solid Models
    • Creating Solid Models
    • Modifying The Visual Styles Of Solids
    • Controlling the Settings of Edges
    • Creating Complex Solid Models
    • Dynamic UCS
    • Creating Different Solids
  4. Editing 3D Objects-I
    • Filleting Solid Models
    • Rotating Solid Models in 3D Space
    • Mirroring Solid Models in 3D Space
    • Aligning Solid Models
    • Point Cloud
  5. Editing 3D Objects-II
    • Editing 3D Objects-II
    • Generating a Section by Defining a Section Plane
    • Generating 2D and 3D Sections
    • Solid History
    • Drawing Views
    • Creating Flatshot
  6. Surface Modeling
    • Understanding Surface Modeling
    • Creating Surfaces by Using Profiles
    • Creating Surfaces from Other Surfaces
    • Editing Surfaces
    • Editing the NURBS Surfaces
    • Performing Surface Analysis
  7. Mesh Modeling
    • Introduction to Mesh Modeling
    • Creating Surface Meshes
    • Modifying Mesh Objects
    • Editing Mesh Faces
    • Converting Mesh Objects
    • Working with Gizmos
  8. Rendering and Animating Designs
    • Understanding the Concept of Rendering
    • Basic Rendering
    • Adding Lights to the Design
    • Modifying Lights
    • Controlling the Rendering Environment
    • Plotting Rendered Images

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