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White Papers

Seven Secrets for Successful eTraining Implementation

Explore how the principles of change management can help organizations maximize eTraining registration, improve completion rates, build employee skillsets, and realize measurable productivity benefits. Global eTraining’s seven secrets identify the major considerations for change — people, processes, technology, and organization — that align to drive eTraining success.


Organizational Agility Through Just-In-Time Training

The world is changing at an exponential rate and it’s pivotal that organizations keep pace with those changes in order to remain competitive and profitable in today’s knowledge-based economy. An agile organization is achieved through agility of its workforce – which in turn is achieved by agile training solutions.


The Future of Corporate Knowledge Management

This white paper investigates the challenges facing modern organizations when it comes to capturing and disseminating specialised corporate information across increasingly globally-dispersed workforces. It also highlights the opportunities available to leaders who are ready for 21st Century training.


Global eTraining: Proven Value-for-Money

Training under a budget is always difficult. Add in specialized corporate knowledge requirements, security limitations, public transparency obligations, geographically dispersed learners and complex committee systems, and it turns into a significant challenge. Global eTraining has the proven solution.


Rethink Training as a Productivity Resource Tool

This whitepaper explores how revolutionary new eTraining solutions are paving the way for employers to reap the productivity benefits of a trained workforce, while minimizing costs and time off-project. Discover quality eTraining solutions, like custom software Plug-Ins, and other tools for improved productivity and costs savings.