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Webinar Replays

Tune into educational, engaging webinars featuring the AEC industry’s best and brightest professionals, managers, and leaders.

Chetna Chauhan

Sandeep Jampani

Revit - Robot Interoperability

Tune into our webinar replay with BIMWize’s founder, Chetna Chauhan and BIM Coordinator, Sandeep Jampani for an in-depth discussion on the Interoperability between Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis and Autodesk Revit.

Plus, learn more about their ‘GeT Everything’ courses, ‘BIM Adoption for Small and Mid-Size Enterprises‘ and  ‘Revit – Robot Interoperability’.


Graham H. Stewart

Information Management in the Modern AEC Industry

Tune into our webinar replay with Digital Guerrilla’s founder and Digital Director, Graham H. Stewart for an in-depth discussion on the importance of Information Management in the AEC industry.

Plus, learn more about his most recent COBie and Revit mini course series with Global eTraining.


Brian Supervich

The Supervisory Balance: Leadership that Drives Success

Join GeT Director of Operations, William Myers and Industry Expert, Brian Supervich for a deep dive into the relevant habits and behaviors needed to be successful in leadership positions, as well as the challenges facing leaders today.

Plus, learn more about Brian’s ‘The Supervisory Balance’ course live now in the ‘GeT Everything’ library.


Scott Chatterton

How To Thrive as a BIM Manager

Join CanBIM Certified Professional, Scott Chatterton with BIM One, while he highlights key learning objectives in his new Global eTraining course, ‘Being the Best BIM Manager’, and shares best practices for BIM Managers in the modern AEC industry!


Russ Nicloy

Autodesk Infraworks: The Complete Guide

Join Russ Nicloy, Civil Solutions Specialist with MACER Technologies, for a value-packed presentation including new features available inside Autodesk InfraWorks, as well as a sneak peak of his new Global eTraining course.

The new course, ‘Autodesk InfraWorks: The Complete Guide’ is available inside the ‘GeT Everything’ library now!


Charles Jarvis

The Future of Online Training

Join Charles Jarvis, General Manager at Global eTraining, to learn about current trends in eTraining technology and how COVID-19 has changed the way organizations approach training and development in the AEC and manufacturing industries.


Will Myers

eTraining Tech that Drives Results

Join Will Myers, GeT Director of Operations for a tour of Global eTraining’s interactive tools and the valuable program management resources that enable organizations to monitor, measure, and drive business results.


Steve Wenzel

Course Authoring with ‘The Generator’

Join Steve Wenzel, Chairman and CTO at Global eTraining, to learn how successful online training providers are scaling their businesses by making good technology decisions and avoiding common content development mistakes.


Charles Jarvis

Global eTraining Solutions for Education

Join Charles Jarvis, General Manager at Global eTraining, to learn how to equip your faculty and staff to deliver high-quality education within a remote virtual environment.


Megan Johnson

BIM: What Now & Why

Join NYCOM Director of Technology and GeT Course Author, Megan Johnson to learn how to bring your firm into the BIM world with confidence so you can do more of the work that matters most.


J. Peter Bruzzese

“No Pants” Security: Driving Business Results with Microsoft Teams (The Right Way)

Join Clip Training Co-Founder and Chief Content Officer, J. Peter Bruzzese for an in-depth discussion on Office 365 security and keeping your team productive and vigilant when using Microsoft Teams.


Brett Settles

Issue Tracking, Field Coordination, and BIM Skills eTraining with Revizto

Join Revizto’s Global Director of Customer Success, Brett Settles for a look at the ‘GeT Everything’ course, ‘A Technical Introduction to Revizto’, as well as discussion on installation and dataset access, 3D Navigation, Field Use, and Clash Coordination.


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