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Global eTraining’s scalable training technology is based upon 30 years of experience with asynchronous technical training and is unparalleled in the corporate training industry. The seamless blend of multiple learning styles improves attention time and retention of knowledge, and demonstrates competencies to ensure users are project-ready on demand. Learners have access to their training programs and knowledge bank from anywhere thanks to the cloud, and can access it from any device. This allows them to access the knowledge when they need to, wherever they need to, in real-time.

Why else?

  • We utilize all four learning styles—visual, aural, reading/writing, and kinesthetic—to ensure that your learners are retaining their knowledge and skills in the long-term
  • We have 90% approval ratings from our clients and learners alike
  • We are committed to being your partner for life
  • We are global with learners in over 150 countries
  • We hire thought leaders in your industry from around the world to design content

Win New Clients

The common denominator with any business is that it needs to be making money to be successful.  Generating new business is easier when you have highly-skilled employees that can complete a project faster—and better—than your competition. On-demand technical training allows your staff to stay ahead of the curve, and ensures your business is always one step ahead of the competition.

Improve Productivity for All Levels of Staff

Taking your highly skilled staff off of the front lines to sit in a classroom for training is an expensive use of their time, and means less billable hours for your bottom line. It’s even more expensive when you take your highest billable staff offline to answer basic questions from newer staff.  GeT offers in-depth training inside some of your most used software so that staff can access training quickly, when they need it most. Global eTraining is also a quick-search reference tool where a course becomes a resource, ensuring that employees can quickly and easily answer their question without interrupting other staff.

Extend Billable Hours

Being the best of the best has its advantages.  When you know BIM (and BIM supporting software) better than your competitors and partners, your firm gets the added benefit of additional billable hours to set-up and administer related processes.  As a recognized expert in your field this allows you to redistribute the costs to the client, and allows you to increase your rates and overall billable hours.

GeT Global Thinking, Project Based Results

We are a strategic training partner to some of the world’s largest and most diverse design, construction and software organizations, government bodies, and Fortune 500 companies around the world, but we recognize that we lead our clients to success one project at a time.  GeT can help your firm stay in tune with the newest products and features that are needed for each new project’s requirements, and help ensure that everyone on the project are trained to your requirements.

Curious how Global eTraining could help your organization reach its business and employee development goals? Contact us today.