Hiring Skilled Workers Is Only the Beginning

The science of hiring skilled workers is a booming business; there are thousands of employment agencies and consultants that can be brought in to augment your Human Resources team so that—in the ideal world—you hire the best candidate for every role, every time. This means that your ideal hire is completely up-to-date with their skills so that they can sit down at their desk and start working right away. But hiring the right person is only the beginning.

At the current rate of change, a candidate straight out of school will find that their knowledge is obsolete within 2-3 years; a new hire that has already been in the industry is much more likely to have out-of-date knowledge and skills and will require additional training within a year.

Upskill Your New (and Existing) Workforce

Decades of research into adult education has definitively told us that knowledge needs to be maintained consistently over time, while skills must be honed and upgraded to ensure that your employees are always using the most technologically advanced programs to their full potential.

This same research also cemented the idea that not everyone learns the same way. Some may benefit from diving into hands-on learning, and others flourish in the reading and writing style of a classroom. Less than 4%, however, will effectively learn through watching videos alone—this means that 96% of people that navigate to YouTube for their learning will fail to convert short-term memories to long-term, leaving them with no actual skill in that topic in the long run.

On-Demand eLearning Will Create Happier and More Efficient Employees

Global eTraining is actively redefining what it means to learn online in the 21st Century. We deliver non-disruptive training that has been designed by the experts and thought leaders in your field. Its position in the cloud means that your employees can take courses in the place that best fits their learning style—home, work, or while commuting on the train. All the information is available exactly where they need it to be, when they need it, and in a form that will ensure that they retain that information in the long-term.

Want your new (and existing) employees to learn faster, retain more and save time? Contact us to learn more.