Vehicle Tracking for Site Design

Vehicle Tracking for Site Design is designed to draw in those that think it is a transportation tool so they can see it for the site design possibilities.

Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced
Course Length: 1 Hour

What you'll learn

  • Horizontal Vehicle Clearance
  • Vertical Vehicle Clearance
  • Parking Lot Tool
  • Roundabout Tool

Course Description

Generative Design is a design process that uses the power of cloud computing to explore permutations – generating design alternatives based on your goals, constraints, and input. Then test and learn from each iteration.

Course Outline

Vehicle Tracking for Site Design

  • Horizontal Vehicle Clearance
  • Vertical Vehicle Clearance
  • Parking Lot Tool
  • Roundabout Tool

Navigation Strategies

eTraining Course Navigation Strategies:

Beginners: Complete the course in order from beginning to end. Once any topic is completed, you will have full access to it at any time for one year after registration, to use as a resource.

Intermediate/Advanced Users: Use the course as a flexible resource tool to find what you need, whenever you need it. Try the assessment tests first, if you get 70%+ you can move to the next level, if you get less than 70% you should complete the lecture. This gives you a pre and post assessment score, which can be used to track your skills improvement.

You do not need any previous experience with Autodesk Revit to take this course; however, it does assume a reasonable level of experience with other Autodesk software and with the Windows operating system.

Helpdesk Support is available when you have a question – please contact GeT Help Desk.

Recommended Supported Browsers:

We recommend that you use the most current version of Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Maxthon, Firefox, Opera or Safari.

Other browsers, and some earlier versions of these browsers may be supported – but you may experience some limitations on certain Learning Management Systems or course functions.

Autodesk Certification Objectives:

Throughout the course, slides with a badge icon, indicate an Autodesk Certification Exam Objective. Focus on these areas to prepare for your Autodesk certification exam.

New Course Concepts:

New concepts may be identified with a star icon. Our content is continuously updating, and therefore we ask that as you work through your course, you periodically review previously completed topics to ensure that you have successfully reviewed each slide. Updated slides, even if previously completed, will not be marked as complete until reviewed again.

Autodesk Certificate of Completion:

Most Autodesk courses, upon total completion and passing each assessment with 70% or higher, are eligible for an Autodesk Training Center certificate of completion. For more information, please contact GeT Help Desk.

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