Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint The Complete Guide has been designed from the ground up for Global eTraining’s world-leading, online, on-demand GeT Interactive eTraining platform. With text from internationally recognized content matter experts, professional narration, video demonstrations by leading instructors, and Let Me Try exercises for users to get practical experience with the software, using downloadable datasets aligned with the presentation content.

This course covers introductory through advanced topics. Topics introduced in Unit 1 include the Ribbon interface, document themes, bulleted lists, outlines, formatting text, printing presentations, transitions, clip art and graphics, charts, slideshow delivery, and more. Unit 2 covers such topics as editing presentations, handouts, creating hyperlinks, multimedia and sound, tables, themes, and slide masters, and more. In Unit 3, students are introduced to presentation connection techniques, online collaboration, cloud computing, transporting presentations, and more.

User’s prerequisites

You don’t need any previous experience with Microsoft PowerPoint to take this course.

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Course Outline

Creating and Delivering a Presentation
Starting PowerPoint
Document Themes
Creating a Basic Presentation
Delivering the Slide Show and Getting Help

Designing the Presentation
Working with Slides and Outlines
Integration and Formatting
Format Painter and Slide Sorter
Organizing and Printing

Adding Graphics, Animation, and Sound
Online Pictures
Adding Other Graphics
Transitions, Animation, and Sound Effects

Inserting Charts
Inserting Charts
Working with External Excel Documents
Creating SmartArt Diagrams

Preparing a Presentation
Preparing a Presentation
Editing Your Presentation
Printing Handouts
Using Hyperlinks in Presentations
Using the Slide Show Toolbar

Adding Multimedia to Presentations
Adding Multimedia to Presentations
Using Audio in Presentations
Creating Slide Show Timings
Using Video in Presentations

Using Tables in Presentations
Using Tables in Presentations
Customizing Tables

Customizing Themes and Slide Masters
Customizing Themes and Slide Masters
Using Slide Masters
Using Action Buttons

Connecting and Broadcasting Presentations
Connecting Presentations
Broadcasting Presentations

Collaborating with Others Online
Collaborating Online
Sharing Files
Working with Comments and Merging Presentations
Using SkyDrive, Office Web Apps, and Reference Tools

Transporting Presentations
Transporting the Presentation
Preparing the Meeting Room
Following the Presentation Setup Checklist
Preparing for Success
Targeting Your Audience

Integrating with Other Office Programs
Maintaining Compatibility with Previous Versions of Office
Working with Word, Excel, and Outlook Integration