Bluebeam Revu Fundamentals

Bluebeam Revu is an award-winning software application that allows you to create, edit, markup, and collaborate using PDFs. In this course, you’ll learn how to use Bluebeam Revu’s core features on a basic level. After taking this course, you will be able to create, assemble, and work with PDFs, add markups to your PDFs, save your commonly used markups and markup properties to Bluebeam’s patented “Tool Chest,” create, edit, and apply stamps to your PDFs, and track, sort, and filter your markups and stamps in the “Markup List.”

User’s prerequisites

You don’t need any previous experience with Bluebeam Revu to take this course.

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Course Outline

Getting Started
What is Bluebeam Revu?
Open/Create PDFs
The Bluebeam Revu Interface
Tabbed Navigation

Working with PDFs
Accessing Files
Document Manipulation
Using the Thumbnails Tab
Layers and Document Comparison

Markup Basics
Line Tools
Shape Tools

Pen Tools
Text Tools
Images and Snapshot
Oddball Markups
Using Grid and Snap
Rotation, Snap, and Grid

Introduction to Stamps
Making Your Own Stamps
Building a Stamp Library

Tool Chest
Introduction to the Tool Chest
Tool Sets
Organizing Your Tools

Markup List
Introduction to the Markup List
Organizing Your Columns
Exporting Data (Summaries)