BIM Track – Project Administrator – Hub Managers

BIM Track is a web-based collaboration platform that empowers your team with better coordination workflows and provides a central hub for all coordination information from design to construction.

BIM Track – Project Administrator – Hub Managers course covers an introduction into the BIM Track platform for Project Administrators.

Duration: 1 hour

User Requirements: You don’t need any previous experience with BIM Track to take this course; however, it does assume a reasonable level of experience with the Windows operating system and some experience with other CAD software.

Recommended Supported Browsers: Internet Explorer 10, Internet Explorer 9, Firefox, Chrome, Maxthon, iOS (iPad 2 and 3), Opera and Safari.

We recommend that you use the most current version of these browsers. Other browsers and some earlier versions of these browsers may be supported – but you may experience some limitations on certain Learning Management System or course functions.

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Course Outline

Course Outline

  • Project Administrators – Hub Managers
  • Creating and Setting up your account
  • Sign Up & Create your Account
  • Creating a Hub
  • Inviting Users to your Hub
  • Creating Projects
  • Setting up the Project
  • Setting up General Settings.
  • Why do we create teams?
  • Zones, phases, labels, and more!
  • Categories
  • How do we create and use a project template?
  • Assigning Users
  • How do we assign users to a project?
  • What team am I on?
  • Selecting a users role

About the Author

Better coordination, Better buildings

BIM Track® is a web-based communication platform that empowers your team with better coordination workflows. BIM Track® provides a central hub for collaboration from design to construction. With direct integrations information is always at your fingertips, you can get access to your data anytime, anywhere, either from a desktop or mobile device. Powerful analytics help understand issue tracking performance through precise KPIs. We promote OpenBIM workflow solutions by supporting IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) and BCF (BIM Collaboration Format).