Autodesk Revit Advanced Concepts

Autodesk Revit Advanced Concepts The Complete Guide is designed to give you a solid understanding of Revit and its advanced concepts.  It emphasizes construction modeling and assemblies techniques, design options, presentation views, and scheduling and tags. Also, the course covers the various stages involved in conceptual design and projects and setting management.

Revit Advanced provides tools specific to structural design for buildings and infrastructure projects. This course is specially meant for professionals in structural engineering, civil engineering and allied fields in the building industry. It helps them improve multidiscipline coordination by using crucial information from architectural and engineering files, whether from Revit models or from 2D file formats, delivering a more reliable model for more efficient and more accurate design and documentation.

User’s prerequisites

You don’t need any previous experience with Autodesk Revit to take this course.

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Course Outline

New for Revit

Construction Modeling
Construction Modeling

Phases and Design
Phases and Design
Design Options

Site Tools and Design Analysis
Site Tools
Energy and sun

Presentation Views
Presentation Views
Using Decals and Shadows

Schedules and Tags

View Graphics

Renderings and Walkthrough
Sun Settings

Project and Setting Management
Project Management
Settings Management

Walls and Curtain Walls
Curtain Walls

Conceptual Design
Conceptual Mass
Divided Paths and Surface
Mass Elements