AutoCAD Advanced - The Complete Guide

In this course, you will learn from working with attributed blocks to isometric and technical drawing concepts.

Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced
Course Length: 40 Hours

What you'll learn

  • New For AutoCAD
  • Block Attributes
  • Data, Linking and Extraction
  • Constraints
  • Dynamic Blocks
  • Reference External Drawing Files
  • External References
  • Data Exchange
  • AutoCAD Sheet Sets
  • Drawing Tools
  • Script Files and Macros
  • Linetypes
  • Hatch Patterns
  • AutoCAD Customization

Course Description

AutoCAD Advanced The Complete Guide course is designed to give you a solid understanding of AutoCAD and its advanced features. In this course, you will learn from working with attributed blocks to isometric and technical drawing concepts.

This course includes text, images, audio, video, quizzes and practical Let Me Try exercises to accommodate all learning styles. Autodesk AutoCAD Advanced is ideal for architects and design engineers looking for advanced design, documentation tools, powerful 3D modeling, collaboration, and workflow customization. This course incorporates features, commands, and techniques for becoming more productive when creating, annotating and printing drawings.

Autodesk Certification Objectives: The “!” Symbol indicates an Autodesk Certification Exam Objective.  Focus on these areas to prepare for your certification exam.

Course Outline

AutoCAD Advanced Course Outline

New for AutoCAD 2021

  • What’s New in AutoCAD 2021?
  • AutoCAD Including Specialized Toolsets

New for AutoCAD 2020

  • What’s New in AutoCAD 2020
  • AutoCAD Including Specialized Toolsets

Block Attributes

  • Understanding Attributes
  • Editing Block Attributes
  • Managing Attributes

Data, Linking, and Extraction

  • Fields
  • Data Extraction
  • Data Linking
  • Using Hyperlinks with AutoCAD


  • Constraints in a Sketch
  • Dimensions, Parameters, and Equations

Dynamic Blocks

  • Building Dynamic Blocks
  • Dynamic Blocks – Progress Test

Reference External Drawing Files

  • Utilizing External References
  • Additional Xref Tools

External References

  • Underlays
  • Raster Images
  • Point Clouds
  • More External References
  • Data Exchange in AutoCAD
  • Object Linking and Embedding (OLE)
  • CAD Standards
  • Drawing Compare
  • Shared Views

AutoCAD Sheet Sets

  • An Introduction to Sheet Sets
  • Build a Sheet Set
  • Sheet Set Views

Drawing Tools

  • Multilines
  • Revision Clouds and Wipeouts
  • Splines
  • Grouping Objects

Script Files and Macros

  • Script Files
  • Automation


  • Creating Linetypes
  • Alternate Linetypes

Hatch Patterns

  • How Hatch Works?
  • Hatch Pattern with Dashes and Dots

AutoCAD Customization

  • Customizing the acad.pgp
  • Customizing the User Interface

Navigation Strategies

Beginners: Complete the course in order from beginning to end. Once any topic is completed, you will have full access to it at any time for one year after registration, to use as a resource.

Intermediate/Advanced Users: Use the course as a flexible resource tool to find what you need, whenever you need it. Try the assessment tests first, if you get 80%+ you can move to the next level, if you get less than 80% you should complete the lecture. This gives you a pre and post-assessment score, which can be used to track your skills improvements.

Certification Objectives

AutoCAD Certified Professional Roadmap


  • Draw lines and rectangles
  • Draw Circles, Arcs, and Polygons
  • DRAW WITH ACCURACY Use object-snap tracking
  • Use Coordinate Systems
  • Make isometric drawings


  • Move and copy objects
  • Rotate and scale objects
  • Create and use arrays
  • Trim and extend objects
  • Offset and mirror objects
  • Use grip editing
  • Fillet and chamfer objects


  • Draw and edit polylines
  • Blend between objects with splines
  • Apply hatches and gradients


  • Change object properties
  • Alter layer assignments for objects
  • Control layer visibility
  • Assign properties by object or layer
  • Manage layer properties


  • Work with blocks
  • Manage block attributes
  • Reference external drawings and images


  • Add and modify text
  • Use dimensions
  • Add and modify multileaders
  • Create and assign annotative styles
  • Use tables


  • Create layouts
  • Use viewports
  • Set printing and plotting options

About the Author

Mike Thomas spent the first 12-years of his career in the Autodesk channel working for an Autodesk reseller as an Application Specialist. During his travels, he delivered countless hours of training, support, demos, and implementations. He was very fortunate to be able to help solve many issues with Autodesk software. Mike has been using AutoCAD since r13, cut his solid modeling teeth on Mechanical Desktop, and has been using Inventor since before it was known as Inventor. Data Management has always been a big part of his professional life, for the most part with Autodesk Vault.

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