Adobe InDesign CC Level 1

Adobe InDesign CC Level 1 is the industry standard for desktop publishing to create graphics-rich documents for print and electronic publishing. InDesign is part of the Adobe Creative Cloud, a suite of graphics programs that is strictly a subscription service. In this 15-hour introductory course, you will learn many time-saving techniques to create multi-page documents, which include both images and graphics. After taking this course, you will be able to identify the components that make up the InDesign workspace and draw shapes, create and flow text, format text, and place and manage images and graphics.

Learning Objective


Getting to Know the Workspace
A Tour of InDesign
Work with the Application Bar
Discover the Control Panel
Explore Panels
Manage Rulers
Using Tools
Enter Values in Fields

Moving Around in InDesign
Zoom and Scroll
Navigate Pages

Getting Started
Create New Documents
Open, Save and Close Documents
Manage Document Pages
Work with Guides and Grids
Create Default Settings
Discover Undo/Revert and Crash Recovery

Creating and Editing Objects
Manipulate Objects
Adjust Appearance
Create Shapes
Work with Text Frames
Explore Images and Graphics
Manage Links
Discover Align and Distribute
Use Transform
Apply Color

Format Characters
Format Paragraphs

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