Adobe Illustrator CC Level 1

Adobe Illustrator CC Level 1 course covers all the fundamental concepts and tools found in the Adobe program. It will allow you to provide design solutions for your company, clients, and yourself. To start, you will identify core concepts and familiarize yourself with the workspace and basic tools. Then, you’ll create custom drawings and format them. You’ll also learn how to organize objects and work with text. By the end of this course, you will be able to navigate the Illustrator environment, create and modify illustrations, and manage objects with layers and libraries.

Learning Objective

About Illustrator

Understanding the Workspace
Workspace Fundamentals
Working with Panels and Windows
Using and Creating Workspaces

Working with Documents
Creating New Documents and Saving Files
Artboards and Navigation

Basic Drawing
Working with a Drawing
Line Tools
Shape Tools
Drawing for the Screen

Modifying Your Drawing
Modify Paths
Reflect and Rotate
Pen and Pencil

Working with Text
Text Styles

Managing Objects
Align, Distribute, and Group
Creative Cloud Libraries

Colors and Swatches

Calligraphic and Bristle Brushes
Scatter and Art
Pattern Brushes
Blob Brush

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