Survey Database Setup and Use

The Survey Database (SDB) is a repository for survey collected points and linework (figures). It allows the data to be shared amongst multiple drawing files, while protecting it from accidental editing in any drawing file.

Duration: 1h

What You'll Learn

  • Insert or Remove Data to Drawing File
  • Survey Queries
  • Editing Survey Database Data
  • Translate the Survey Database

About the Author

Russ Nicloy have experience in several facets of the civil engineering construction cycle. From proposed drafting, to survey field work, to engineering drafting, to GIS mapping of as-built information. Russ have worked for utilities, and also with commercial and government civil departments. His current work allows him to work closely with software users and field personnel, in construction design as well as design workflow.

Specialties: Civil 3D, Land Desktop, Map 3D, Raster Design

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