Introduction To The Supervisory Balance

Introduction To The Supervisory Balance is the first in a three course series called ‘Striking the Supervisory Balance’.  It introduces a supervisory style or philosophy that requires a supervisor to strike a balance among all the needs, interests and underlying issues that emerge in the workplace they lead.  Creating a successful workplace culture is the ultimate supervisory goal.  In the subsequent courses in the series the following specific needs and interests which the supervisor must address are the focus.

Duration: 10h

What You'll Learn

  • Overview of the Supervisory Balance
  • Supports That Help to Strike the Supervisory Balance
  • Conclusion

About the Author

Brian Supervich is a retired Executive Manager with over 40 years of human resource management experience including senior roles leading employee relations, labor relations and employee development.

His experience has led him to believe that organization success depends on the effort placed on achieving excellence in supervisory relationships at all levels. To this end, he is committed to inspiring frontline leaders to be skilled relationship builders.

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