Information Management Principles According to ISO 19650 (Part 1-5)

The ISO 19650 suite of standards supports the construction industry managing information over the whole life cycle of a built asset using building information modelling (BIM). This course will cover the basics of ISO 19650 which is the series of global documents supporting consistent delivery of information on a construction project. ISO 19650 was released to support the consolidation of information management processes, roles and requirements and is recommended for use in regions of the world where there are little to no standards in BIM. This supports global BIM delivery.

Duration: 5h

What You'll Learn

  • BIM and ISO 19650 Overview
  • Tender Process
  • Appointing a Team
  • Delivering a Project
  • BS EN ISO 19650 Regional Annex & Guidance

About the Author

Rebecca De Cicco is a global digital expert, thought leader and innovator who acts as a role model across the globe in digital advisory, strategy and standards across the built environment. She now acts as the Principal of Digital Enablement for advisory firm Aurecon, acting to drive and support growth in digital enablement opportunities across the group, helping clients to strategize, create and manage assets in a more intelligent and digitally focused way. In March 2021, Rebecca’s own consultancy Digital Node was acquired by Aurecon, where she provided leading digital transformation and BIM capability to its people, clients and projects. Her work across the group focuses on advisory as well as upskilling and educating industry in the adoption of digitally focused processes, requirements and technologies, all of which are a great passion to her.

Rebecca’s success is also supported by her keen interest in developing a strong profile for herself across the world, volunteering and supporting a variety of groups and initiatives. She is the sole founder of Women in BIM (WIB) which she co-created in the UK in 2012 to support the lack of diversity across our sector and in particular digital. Her vision was to create an opportunity to gather and grow women in the digital space by providing an outlet to network, share and work together. The group began as a UK focused initiative and it has now become a global support network with WIB regional leaders appointed in over 45 countries across the globe driving and supporting their main themes and incentives.

 As an industry thought leader, Rebecca has been awarded numerous awards and recognitions for her work across the Construction industry and continues to strive to make a difference to ultimately help drive change and innovation in her sector.

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