Adobe Illustrator CC Level 2

Adobe Illustrator CC, Level 2 covers advanced techniques and tools found within the program and will help you enhance and manage your drawings, as well as create more intricate drawings. The course begins with tools that will help you mange existing artwork. Then, you’ll learn how to create special effects and graphs and work with data files inside of Illustrator. Lastly, you’ll familiarize with the different ways you can share your artwork with others.

By the end of this Illustrator course, you’ll be able to manipulate and reuse shapes using the Shape Builder, Symbols, and Recolor Artwork feature, create special effects such as drawings with perspective and 3D drawings, work with graphs and variable data, and output your files for print or the web.

Duration: 8h

What You'll Learn

  • Create Complex Drawings
  • Special Effects
  • Data and Automation
  • Outputting Your File

About the Author

Mike Thomas is experienced technical services manager with a demonstrated history of working in the mining industry. Skilled in AutoCAD Mechanical, AutoCAD, Product Lifecycle Management, Hands-on Training, and Technical Support. Strong engineering professional with a CAD/CAM Engineering Technologist focused in CAD / CAM from SIAST, Kelsey Campus.

Mike has been using AutoCAD since r13, cut his solid modeling teeth on Mechanical Desktop, and has been using Inventor since before it was known as Inventor. Data Management has always been a big part of his professional life, for the most part with Autodesk Vault.

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