In the competitive world of consulting and executing on major energy and infrastructure projects, training is critical. “Technically capable personnel are a key contributor and differentiator for WorleyParsons to deliver what we promise our customers,” says Andrew Sheedy, Global Engineering Systems.

To keep its competitive edge, WorleyParsons turned to Global eTraining for more flexible and effective online courseware in early 2013. More than a thousand WorleyParsons employees were using GeT training a year later.

“Through Global eTraining,” Sheedy says, “we are able to provide our personnel with Autodesk training that is current, content specific, task relevant and delivered in formats that meet the needs of our personnel, whether that be on a desktop or a mobile device.”

Incorporating new learning tools

For WorleyParsons, GeT is more than a courseware provider – the startup is a training partner that continues to innovate and introduce new tools that will extend the possibilities of online learning at the company.

“Global eTraining is very responsive to our requirements,” Sheedy says. “Their customer experience manager has provided invaluable insight into what our personnel require and the value they are receiving. They’re always looking for new ideas for improving the user experience. Their new tool ‘The Generator,’ for creating internal custom training content, can be migrated into our learning portal for all our users to leverage.

“We have many other products we use apart from Autodesk, and are looking at utilizing the GeT portal as a central area for consolidating all that. So something we create here in Calgary could be used in Australia or Africa. We can produce the content once and share it out to multiple people.”

Initially, Sheedy says, WorleyParsons plans to use The Generator with key company individuals to develop courseware, while partnering closely with their human resources and Learning and Development departments.

Huge ROI

Besides innovation, GeT trainings bring strong return on investment and cost-savings for WorleyParsons compared with traditional, in-person training, which used to be the company’s norm.

“What would it cost to have offsite training with a group of five users, plus the cost of the meeting room, the cost of the instructors time?” asks Sheedy. “It’s far more cost-effective to use GeT. A lot of our people log on and perform the training outside regular work hours, when they don’t have deadlines.”

Because GeT trainings are broken up into small modules, it’s easy for an engineer and designers to pop into the course and quickly locate and learn a new skill, he notes. “They can complete a module of the course in 10 minutes. GeT has an app for ipads and iphones, and you can watch parts of the training at home on your ipad as well. That portability and flexibility is another key feature.”

Measuring results

Besides saving time and money in training, GeT’s online courseware offers another advantage – the ability to precisely track results.

“Classroom learning gave us little measure as to the level of understanding and how engineers are actually applying that new training back in the project or real-world environment,” he says. “Through GeT’s competency assessments, you can understand what people know and don’t know, and then it almost customizes a solution to meet the gaps in their skill set. One of the benefits of their training is it’s multi-modal – it’s visual, audio, read/write, and kinesthetic or hands-on, so it’s more effective.”

Having access to on-demand, online training also means GeT courses are there in the future to refresh trainings – a distinct advantage compared with in-person, one-shot training.

“Personnel can look back and go over a step again, and then start applying it straight away. You don’t have that benefit if it’s classroom training.”

Positive feedback

WorleyParsons has been tracking user feedback – and it’s come back raves.

“In my mind the real value comes in how our personnel is receiving it,” Sheedy says. “We’ve asked our highest performers, who’ve done 2-4 GeT courses, what drove them to use more GeT courses? We found people were able to apply the learning, or if they had a challenge on a task, they could quickly go into the GeT portal, learn or reinforce a skill, and then go directly back to the project. That’s real-time value, as opposed to the traditional methods of training.”

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