Tech-Savvy Students

Students today are “tech-savvy,” says Kurt Becker, Ph.D., Professor of Engineering at Utah State University. They don’t want to be saddled down with heavy textbooks, preferring instead to complete assigned readings on electronic devices like their phones.

This change in student trends is reflective of how “the online world is growing in popularity and students are now taking in information much differently than they did ten years ago,” notes Kurt.

For this reason, the Department of Engineering Education at Utah State University is eager to adapt to its students’ needs, offering them the opportunity to work through course material on their own time rather than in the traditional structure of a classroom environment.

Flexible and Versatile Online Courseware Helps Students Become More Self-Directed

Implementing Global eTraining’s online and on-demand AutoCAD, Civil 3D, and Revit modules were attractive to the Department of Engineering Education because it meant that students could become more self-directed in their learning.

Students are able to complete the required AutoCAD eTraining on their own time and on the type of media they prefer, at any time – a versatility and flexibility that the engineering students appreciate as they work through their rigorous program.

Providing eTraining That Fulfills Industry Demands

“Industry expects that students have exposure to AutoCAD,” explains Kurt. But because “engineering programs today tend toward the heavily theoretical,” Kurt continues, “the challenge remains in giving students ample hands-on time with the software” so they can acquire that “high-end [technical] competency” demanded of them when they enter the field.

In this regard, the engineering students at Utah State University are well prepared after completing GeT’s technical training platform as part of their degree. They come out of the program with valuable skills that are desired in the workplace, giving them a competitive advantage in the job application process.

Blended Learning Is Effective for Engineering Students

Kurt happily reports that since adopting blended learning and supplementing the Computer Engineering Drafting course with the eTraining component, there has been no increase in the number of students who either drop, fail or withdraw from the course. What is more, there has been no decrease in students’ GPA.

These positive outcomes indicate that acknowledging and respecting the contemporary student’s desire for access to online learning results in delivering more effective instruction.

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Department of Engineering Education, Utah State University


Computer Engineering Drafting Course (ENGR 2270)


Logan, Utah


Fall and Spring Intake of 130-150 Students

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